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  • hethyw yw an whefes dyth | aban dalletheys gonys
    Hedhyw yw an hweghves dydh | a-ban dhallethis gonis
    Today is the sixth day since I began to work (OM49-50)
  • Aban na vynta cresy | ty a kyl ow herense
    A-ban na vynn'ta krysi | ty a gyll ow herensa.
    Since thou wilt not believe | Thou shalt lose my love. (OM241-2)
  • Aban golste worty hy | ha gruthyl dres ov defen
    A-ban gols'ta orti hi | ha gwruthyl dres ow difen
    Because thou hearkenedst to her | And to act beyond my prohibition (OM269-70)


  • In meth crist a ban rug ȝeugh / ternoth fernoth ow holye / daver vyth wy ny ȝecsyugh / ȝe worre trevyth ynne (PA50)