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In spite of

  • lauar ȝoȝo gwra mar mennyȝ | awos a gallo na wra tra vyȝ
    Lavar dhodho, “Gwrav mar mennydh.” | Awos a allo, ny wra tra vyth.
    For all he can, he will do nothing. (CF33-34)
  • arluth the voth my a wra | del degoyth thym yn pup tra | awos tra vyth a warfo
    Arloedh, dha vodh my a wra | dell dhegoedh dhymm yn puptra, | awos travydh a hwarvo.
    Lord, thy wish I will do, | As it behoves me in all things, | Notwithstanding every thing that may be. (OM2353-5)
  • awos gotheuel ancow | ny nahas hy lauarow | wos-talleth na wos-teweth
    Awos godhevel ankow | ny naghas hy lavarow, | wostalleth na wostiwedh.
    Although suffering death, | She did not retract her words, | At first nor at last. (OM2760-2)
  • vyth ny vyn an keth den-ma | treyle the dev awartha | awos lauar leuerys
    Vydh ny vynn an keth den ma | treylya dhe Dhyw a-wartha, | awos lavar leverys.
    Never will this same man | Turn to God above, | In spite of word said. (OM1535-7)
  • arluth ny vynnons crysy | na clewas ov voys a vy | awos me the gous thethe
    Arloedh, ny vynnons krysi, | na klywes ow voys evy, | awos my dhe gows dhedha,
    Lord, they will not believe, | Nor hear my voice of me, | Notwithstanding that I speak to them. (OM1435-7)
  • sur awos ol ow gallos | byth ny allaf yn ow ros | the wul pegh vyth y cachye
    Sur awos oll ow galloes, | bydh ny allav yn ow roes | dhe wul pegh vydh y gachya.
    Surely, notwithstanding all my power, | I shall never be able, in my net, | To catch him doing any sin. (PC53-5)
  • otte genef vy bony | me a'n tregh wharre gynsy | ny'n sparyaf awos anken
    Otta genev vy boni. | My a'n tregh hware gensi. | Ny'n sparyav, awos anken.
    See to me an axe ; | I will cut it soon with it: | I will not spare it because of trouble. (PC2564-6)

in order to

  • ytterevys dre sor bras | dustuneow drok na da | ny reys ȝynny ȝe welas | awos dampnye an denma
    y terivis dre sorr bras | dustuniow drog na da

ny res dhyn ni dhe hwilas | awos dampnya an den ma
there is no need for us to seek witnesses good or bad to condemn this man. (PA94)

  • nyn gew ragos se laȝe | Cryst yv synsys mur dremas | ȝe ȝevyth a wos plegye
    nyns yw ragos sy ladha | krist yw synsys meur dhremas | dhe dhenvydh awos plegya
    it is not for you to slay christ who is considered to be a great holy man, to satisfy anyone (PA123)

because of

  • yn methons mar omwreyth claff | gorȝewyth te an prenvyth | awos guthyll wheyll mar scaff | yn ethom ȝyn mar fyllyth
    yn-medhons mar omwreth klav | gordhiwedh ty a'n prenvydh | awos guthyl hwel mar skav | yn edhomm dhyn mar fyllydh
    they said, ``if you make out you are ill you will pay for it in the end if you fail us in our need over doing such a small job. (PA155)
  • In meth gurek an goff ȝeȝe | kentrow ȝewy why ny fyll | a wos bos claff y ȝewle | toche vyth gonys ef na yll
    yn-medh gwreg an gov dhedha | kentrow dhy'hwi hwi ny fyll | awos bos klav y dhiwla | toch vydh gonis ev ny yll
    The smith's wife said to them, ``You will not be short of nails. because his hands are diseased he cannot do any work. (PA158)
  • Drefen ow bones benen | ty a yl thym daryvas | Awos travyth ny wrussen | venytha the gvhuthas
    Drefenn ow bones benyn | ty a yll dhymm derivas. | Awos travydh ny wrussen | vynytha dha guhudhas.
    Because I am a woman, | Thou mayest make it known to me; | Because of any thing I would not | Ever accuse thee. (OM161-4)
  • Caym whek preder ad enef | awos an tas dev an nef | gvra y worhemmynnadow
    Kaym hweg, preder a'th enev. | Awos an Tas Dyw a'n Nev, | gwra y worhemmynnadow.
    Sweet Cain, think of thy soul; | Because of the Father God of heaven, | Do his commands. (OM479-81)
  • ov arluth ker salamon | awos lavur na dewon | nefre ny fallaf theughwhy
    Ow arloedh ker Salamon, | awos lavur na dughan | nevra ny fallav dhywgh hwi.
    My dear lord Solomon, | Because of labour nor sorrow, | I will never fail you. (OM2404-6)
  • gueyt bos a rag yn voward | ma na vy synsys coward | nag awos den vyt ovnek
    Gwayt bos a-rag y'n voward, | ma na vi synsys koward | nag awos denvydh ownek.
    Take care to be forth in advance, | That thou be not held a coward, | Nor fearful of any man. (OM2156-8)
  • awos henna nynsus vry | gallas hy gobyr gynsy | ha servyys yv del gothe
    Awos henna nyns eus vri. | Gallas hy gober gensi | ha servyes yw dell goettha.
    Because that she was not obedient, | Her reward is gone with her, | And she is served as she ought. (OM2763-5)
  • Nynsus fors awos henna | my a wor wheth cusyl tha | thym the wruthyl by thys day
    Nyns eus fors awos henna. | My a woer hwath kusul dha | dhymm dhe wruthyl by this day.
    There is no hurry for that; | I know yet a good counsel | For me to do, by this day. (OM2801-3)
  • lyes guyth me re bysys | na dreyle y gousesow | awos ovn bones lethys
    lies gweyth my re pysis | na drelya y gowsesow, | awos own bones ledhys.
    Many times I have prayed, | That he return not his lies, | For fear of being killed. (PC884-6)
  • awos ovn bras lauarov | agan arluth hep parov | me ny'n naghaf war ow fay
    Awos own bras lavarow, | agan Arloedh heb parow | my ny'n naghav war ow fay.
    For fear of big words, | Our Lord unequalled, | I will not deny him, on my faith. (PC908-10)
  • nyn syv lemmyn vyleny | awos guyryoneth keusel
    Nyns yw lemmyn vileni | awos gwiryonedh kewsel.
    There is not now villainy | Because of speaking truth. (PC1275-6)
  • me a'n clewas ov tyffen | na vo reys awos heghen | trubit vyth the syr cesar
    My a'n klywas ow difenn | na vo res awos eghenn | trybut vydh dhe syrr Sesar
    I heard him forbidding | That there be given, for any consideration, | Any tribute to Caesar (PC1573-5)
  • doctor nynsyv henna man | na ny il bos yn della | den the uerwel yn certan | awos cous lauarow da
    Doctor, nyns yw henna mann, | na ny yll bos yndella, | den dhe verwel yn sertan | awos kows lavarow da.
    Doctor, that is not any thing, | Nor can it be so, | A man to die certainly, | Because of speaking good words. (PC2399-2402)
  • na ken ny scrifaf neffre | awes dout bones lethys
    Na ken ny skrifav nevra, | awos dout bones ledhys.
    No other will I ever write | For doubt of being killed. (PC2805-6)
  • an houl ny golse y lyw | awos map den the verwel | na corf dasserhy the vew | na dor grys yn tyougel
    An howl ny gollsa y liw | awos mab-den dhe verwel, | na korf dasserghi dhe vyw, | na dorgrys, yn tiogel.
    The sun would not lose its form | Because a son of man to die ; | Nor bodies rise again to life; | Nor the earth quake really. (PC3083-6)


  • abel ty a dryg nefre | awos ol the wyr thege | yn tewolgow bras hep ioy
    Abel, ty a drig nevra, | awos oll dha wir dhega, | yn tewolgow bras heb joy.
    Abel, thou shalt dwell ever, | Notwithstanding all thy true tithe, | In great darkness, without joy. (OM556-8)
  • awos ol roweth adam | bys thyn vmma yn vn lam | ef a vyth kyrhys
    Awos oll roweth Adam, | bys dhyn omma yn unn lamm | ev a vydh kyrghys.
    Notwithstanding all the bounty of Adam, | To us here in a trice | He shall be brought. (OM884-6)
  • awos ol the fath hath son | genen ny y fyth the thron | yn ponvotter venary
    Awos oll dha fas ha'th son, | genen ni y fydh dha thron | yn poenvotter vynari.
    Notwithstanding all thy faith and thy blessing, | With us shall be thy throne, | In trouble for ever. (OM896-8)
  • a pur voren plos myrgh gal | ty a verow sur cowal | awos the thev nay vestry
    A bur voren blos, myrgh gal, | ty a verow sur kowal, | awos dha Dhyw na'y vaystri.
    O very jade, dirt, daughter of evil, | Thou shalt die, surely, quite, | Notwithstanding thy God or his power. (OM2736-8)
  • ef ny vyn by god ys fo | awos myns a wren thotho | keusel thy'nny
    Ev ny vynn, by God ys fo, | awos myns a wren dhodho | kewsel dhyn ni.
    He will not, by God's faith, | Notwithstanding all we do to him, | Speak to us. (PC1474-6)
  • ihesu prak na worthebyth | lauar thy'm awos trauyth | mara cruste leuerel
    Ihesu, prag na worthebydh? | Lavar dhymm awos travydh | mara kwruss'ta leverel,
    Jesus, why dost thou not answer ? | Tell me, above any thing, | Whether thou didst say, (PC1757-9)
  • fy theugh a vosteryon plos | awos agas fas ha tros | ny wra bom y worlene
    Fi dhywgh, a vostoryon plos! | Awos agas fas ha troes | ny wra boemm y worfenna.
    Fy on ye, dirty boasters ; | Notwithstanding your bragging and noise, | Blows will not quell him. (PC2109-11)
  • an harlot foul y berhen | awos kemmys drok a wren | a'n beys ny fyn tremene
    An harlot, fol y berghenn, | awos kemmys drog a wren, | a'n bys ny vynn tremena.
    The knave, foul his owner, | In spite of the much harm we do, | Will not pass from the world. (PC2112-4)

for the sake of

  • awos dev dun ahanan | thy gerhas the dre certan | may hallo bos musurys
    Awos Dyw, deun ahanan | dh'y gyrghes dhe-dre sertan, | may hallo bos musurys.
    For God's sake, let us come away, | To bring it, certain, to the city, | That it may be measured. (OM2564-6) a beam
  • a taw cowyth my ad pys | ny gresaf awos an beys | bos an hore whath marow
    A taw, koweth, my a'th pys. | Ny grysav awos an bys | bos an hora hwath marow.
    O silence, comrade, I pray thee; | I do not believe, for the world, | That the strumpet is yet dead. (OM2751-3)
  • Awos travyth ny wrussen | venytha the gvhuthas
    Awos travydh ny wrussen | vynytha dha guhudhas.
    Because of any thing I would not | Ever accuse thee. (OM163-4)
  • Caym whek preder ad enef | awos an tas dev an nef | gvra y worhemmynnadow
    Kaym hweg, preder a'th enev. | Awos an Tas Dyw a'n Nev, | gwra y worhemmynnadow.
    Sweet Cain, think of thy soul; | Because of the Father God of heaven, | Do his commands. (OM479-81)
  • ty a heuel muskegys | hag yn gokyneth gyllys | awos an dev a geusyth
    Ty a hevel muskegys, | hag yn gokkineth gyllys, | awos an dyw a gewsydh.
    Thou seemest crazed, | And in folly lost, | Because of the God whom thou mentionest (OM1511-3)
  • awos an tas fystenyn | rag ovn namnag of pur thal
    awos an Tas fistenyn; | rag own nammnag ov pur dhall.
    Because of the Father, let us hasten; | For fear I am well nigh quite blind. (OM1055-6)
  • offendye dev ny vynnaf | Awos den fyth war an beys
    offendya Dyw ny vynnav, | awos denvydh war an bys.
    Offend God I will not, | Because of any man on the earth. (OM1339-40)
  • ha me effreth sur a'th pys | awos an tas bynygeys | ro thy'm ow kerth dre the ras
    Ha my, evredh, sur a'th pys | awos an Tas bennigys, | ro dhymm ow herdh dre dha ras,
    And I, maimed, surely pray thee, | Because of the blessed Father, | Give me my walking, by thy grace; (PC399-401)
  • mester whek awos an tas | lauar thy'mmo hep lettye
    Mester hweg, awos an Tas, | lavar dhymmo heb lettya,
    Sweet Master, by the Father, | Tell me, without delay (PC753-4)
  • ha kyn fons y ol sclandrys | neffre awos bos lethys | my ny wraf the thyflase
    Ha kyn fons i oll sklandrys, | nevra awos bos ledhys | my ny wrav dha dhivlasa.
    And though they be all offended, | Ever because of being killed, | I will not displease thee. (PC899-901)
  • my ny fethaf sur rak meth | dos yn mysk ow brudereth | awos cous ger vyth gansa
    My ny vedhav sur rag meth | dos yn mysk ow bredereth | awos kows ger vydh gansa.
    I shall not, surely, for shame | Come among my brethren | To speak ever a word with them. (PC1429-31)
  • me re'n cusullyes myl wyth | sav ny vyn awos trauyth | gage y tebel crygyans
    My re'n kusulyas milweyth | saw ny vynn awos travydh | gasa y debel gryjyans.
    I have advised him a thousand times, | But he will not, for any thing, | Leave his evil belief. (PC1811-3)
  • yw guyr thy'm a leueryth | ny fensen awos trauyth | yn della bos wharfethys
    Yw gwir dhymm a leverydh? | Ny vynnsen awos travydh | yndella bos hwarvedhys.
    Is it true which thou sayest to me ? | I would not, for any thing | So that it should happen (PC1941-3)
  • ru'm fey pilat re sorras | me a'th pys awos satnas | doro an laddron yn mes
    Re'm fay, Pilat re sorras. | My a'th pys, awos Satnas, | doro an ladron yn-mes.
    By my faith, Pilate is angry ; | I pray thee, by Satan, | Bring out the thieves. (PC2248-50)
  • syr iustis awos satan | dyllyrf thy'nny baraban
    Syrr justis, awos Satan, | delirv dhyn ni Baraban.
    Sir Magistrate, by Satan, | Deliver to us Barabbas (PC2483-4)
  • ty a fyth cowal drok lam | ny vyn an vyl harlot cam | awos an bys dywethe
    Ty a'fydh kowal droglamm. | Ny vynn an vil harlot kamm | awos an bys diwedha.
    A fully bad leap shall be to thee; | The vile evil knave will not | End, for the world. (PC2913-5)
  • me a vynse y wythe | ha ny yllyn cammen vyth | pup ol ese ow crye | y lathe awos trauyth
    My a vynnsa y witha, | ha ny yllyn kammen vydh. | Peub oll esa ow kria | y ladha awos travydh.
    I would have preserved him, | And could not any way ; | All were crying | To kill him above any thing. (PC3125-8)


  • ny vynnyth the pobel dev | gase cres thyn yn nep tv | awos tryga yn pov-ma
    Ny vynnydh dhe bobel Dyw | gasa kres dhyn yn neb tu | awos triga y'n pow ma.
    Thou wilt not to the people of God | Allow peace to us on any side, | Whilst we dwell in this land. (OM1597-9)


  • lauar thymmo vy pyv os | rag omma awos the vos | gynef vy by nyn syw bern
    Lavar dhymmo piw os, | rag omma awos dha vos | genev vy bydh nyns yw bern.
    Tell me who thou art, | For because of thy being here | With me there is never hindrance. (RD262-4)
  • yn beys awos gothaf crok | ny brefsys anken na drok | dev guyn the vys
    Y'n bys awos godhav krog | ny brevsys anken na drog - | Dyw! Gwynn dha vys!
    Because of suffering hanging on earth | Thou hast not felt grief nor evil | God ! happy thy lot (RD277-9)
  • agy then beth men yv clos | me an guyth sur deth ha nos | awos y dysciplys plos | kyn teffons y vyth mar clor
    A-jy dhe'n bedh men yw klos | my a'n gwith sur dydh ha nos | awos y dhyssiplys blos, | kyn teffons i vydh mar glor.
    Within the tomb of stone he is closed; | I will surely guard him day and night, | In spite of his dirty disciples, | Though they come ever so fierce. (RD389-92)
  • ny fynnaf leuerel gow | awos dout bones marow
    Ny vynnav leverel gow | awos dout bones marow
    I will not tell a lie, | From fear of being slain (RD585-6)
  • lowene thys syr pilat | awos bos ny peswar smat | guythe an beth ny ylsyn
    Lowena dhis, Syrr Pilat! | Awos bos ni peswar smat, | gwitha an bedh ny yllsyn.
    Joy to thee, sir Pilate! | Though we be four fellows, | We could not keep the tomb; (RD601-3)
  • teweugh awos lucyfer | a henna na geuseugh ger | pypenagol a wharfo
    Tewewgh, awos Lucyfer! | A henna na gewsewgh ger, | pypynag oll a hwarvo,
    Hold your tongues, by Lucifer; | Of that speak not a word, | Whatever may happen; (RD669-71)
  • stout awos castel maudlen | mar querth me a ter the pen | thys awartha
    stout awos Kastell Maudlen | mar kwredh, my a derr dha benn | dhis a-wartha.
    Stout though Castle Maudlen be, | If thou dost I will break thy head | To thee from above. (RD920-2)
  • awos ovn my ny tauwaf | me an pref guyr a gousaf | kyns ys dybarth
    Awos own my ny dawav: | my a'n prev gwir a gowsav | kyns es dibarth.
    I will not be silent from fear; | I will prove it true what I say | Before that we separate. (RD923-5)
  • byth ny yl awos an bys | den vyth bones dasserhys | wose merwel
    bydh ny yll awos an bys | denvydh bones dasserghys | wosa merwel.
    Never can, for the world, | Any man be raised | After dying. (RD938-40)
  • awos a gousa den vyth | an kerth corf-ne gorthewyth | ny thassorghas
    Awos a gowsso denvydh | an keth korf na gordhiwedh | ny dhassorghas.
    Notwithstanding what any man may say, | That same body will remain; | It has not risen. (RD1034-6)
  • awos lauarow trufyl | ny grysaf thys ty a fyl | gul thym crygy
    Awos lavarow trufel | ny grysav dhis. Ty a fyll | gul dhymm krysi.
    Notwithstanding vain words, | I do not believe thee; thou failest | To make me believe. (RD1055-7)
  • awos trauyth nynso reys | mos the worre then mernes | map dev an nef
    awos travydh nyns res | mos dhe worra dhe'n mernans | Mab Dyw a'n nev.
    Because of any thing it was necessary not | To go to put to death | The Son of God of heaven. (RD1252-4)
  • an guyryoneth kyn clewyth | awos tra uyth nyn cregyth | marth yv henna
    An gwiryonedh kyn klywydh, | awos travydh ny'n krysydh. | Marth yw henna.
    Though thou hearest the truth, | For any thing thou dost not believe it; | That is a wonder. (RD1384-6)
  • me ny sparyaf a wos tra | bys omma ny an dora | worthyn ny sef
    My ny sparyav awos tra: | bys omma ni a'n dora: | worthyn ny sev.
    I will not spare for any thing, | Until we bring him here, | To stand before us. (RD1788-90)
  • kyn yn carra vyth mar veur | a wos y lathe nym duer | neffre ny gan ef yn cur | gans y ganow
    Kyn y'n karra vydh mar veur | awos y ladha ny'm deur; | nevra ny gan ev yn keur | gans y anow.
    Though he may love him ever so much, | For killing him, no care is to me, | He shall never sing in his court | With his mouth. (RD1897-1900)
  • pilat gynef nynsyw meth | awos guyske sur an queth | afue yn kerghyn ihesu
    Pilat, genev nyns yw meth | awos gwiska sur an gweth | a veu yn kyrghynn Ihesu
    Pilate, with me there is no shame, | Because of wearing surely the cloth | Which was about Jesus. (RD1935-7)
  • dysk an queth a thy sempys | rag nafella nyfyth spys | a wos trauyth
    Di'sk an gweth a-dhesempis, | rag na fella ny'fydh spys | awos travydh.
    Take off the cloth immediately, | For no longer shall there be space | For any thing (RD1953-5)\
  • drok genygyk ef a fue | byth ny sparyaf y tenne | sur a wos our
    Drog genesik ev a veu: | bydh ny sparyav y denna | sur, awos owr.
    Evil his flesh though it was, | Never will I spare to drag him | Surely, for gold. (RD2186-8)
  • gorreugh pilat a le-na | a wos ihesu the ken pow
    Gorrewgh Pilat alena, | awos Ihesu, dhe gen pow.
    Put Pilate away from that place, | For Jesus' sake, to another country. (RD2217-8)
  • a wos cost arhans nag our | greugh y tenne mes an dour | gorreugh ef yn schath then mor
    Awos kost arghans nag owr
    gwrewgh y denna mes a'n dowr. | Gorrewgh ev yn skath dhe'n mor:
    For cost of silver or gold, | Drag him out of the water, | Take him in a boat to the sea. (RD2231-3)
  • ha nep na vynno crygy | ny yl bos am seruysy | yn certan awos an beys
    ha neb na vynno krysi | ny yll bos a'm servysi, | yn sertan, awos an bys.
    And those who will not believe | Cannot be my servants, | Certainly, for the world. (RD2469-71)


  • thy worthya ny yv senses | hag a vyn awos peryl
    Dh'y wordhya ni yw synsys, | hag a vynn, awos peryll.
    To honour him we are bound, | And will, notwithstanding peril. (BM716-7)
  • Lowene dis meryasek | thymo vy den bohosek | awoys crist lemen gueres
    Lowena dhis, Meryasek, | dhymmo vy, den boghosek, | awos Krist lemmyn gweres!
    Joy to thee, Meriasek | To me, a poor man, | For Christ's sake now help. (BM735-7)
  • an pov mar sewe fyys | ny vensen heb feladov | awoys dyv ran peth an beys | na vensen (vese) mes
    A'n pow mars yw-a fiys. | Ny vynnsen, heb falladow, | awos diw rann pyth an bys | na vynnsen nes!
    If he be fled the country. | I would not, without fail, | For sake of two parts of the world's wealth | That he should be away. (BM1041-4)
  • In crist ihesu ny a greys | awos ovn a then in beys | ny forsakyn y hanow
    Yn Krist Yesu ni a grys. | Awos own a dhen y'n bys | ny forsakyn y hanow.
    In Christ Jesu we believe. | For fear of man on earth | We will not forsake his name. (BM1210-2)
  • Awoys ovn a costenten | nag a peynys neb termen | ihesu ny ren dynaha
    Awos own a Kostenten | nag a baynys neb termyn | Yesu ny wren denagha.
    For dread of Constantine | Or of tortures at any time | We will not deny Jesu. (BM1222-4)
  • del grese awoys gul da | ny russugh agen creya | na thywhy nynso vsijs
    Dell grysav, awos gul da | ny wrussowgh agan kria: | na dhy'hwi nyns o usyes.
    As I should believe, for sake of doing good | You would not have cried to us: | Not for you is this usual. (BM1530-2)
  • Pan gol us awoys latha | an chettis mowes ha mav
    Pan goll eus awos ladha | an chettys, mowes ha maw!
    What loss is it for slaying | The chits, girl and boy! (BM1645-6)
  • trueth vye del wothogh | latha omma iij myl flogh | awoys sawya vn body
    Truedh via dell wodhowgh | ladha omma tri mil flogh | awos sawya unn bodi.
    Pity were it, as you know, | To slay here three thousand children | For sake of healing one body. (BM1656-8)
  • rag the voys in dysgregyans | awos ovn gothe mernans | inclenya dys ny vanna
    Rag dha vos yn diskryjyans | awos own godha' mernans | ynklinya dhis ny vynna'.
    Because of thy being in unbelief, | For fear of suffering death | Incline to thee I will not. (BM1764-6)
  • Seluester wolcum owhy | nynsyv awos drokcoleth | ythogh kerhys dymovy
    Seluester, wolkomm owgh hwi: | nyns yw awos drokkoleth | yth owgh kyrghys dhymmo vy.
    Silvester, you are welcome: | It is not on account of an ill deed | That you are fetched to me. (BM1767-9)
  • mur trueth y kemerys | latha prest kemys flehas | awoys vn den
    Meur druedh y kemmeris | ladha prest kemmys fleghes | awos unn den.
    Much pity I took | To slay so many children | On account of one person. (BM1782-4)
  • the kyns sur na rych na guan | awos peth me ny socra
    Dhe gyns sur na rych na gwann | awos pyth my ny sokra'
    Neither rich nor weak the sooner | On account of wealth will I succour (BM2564-5)
  • mar mynnogh oma neb preys | thymo comendya servys | awos arveth me an gruae
    Mar mynnowgh omma neb prys | dhymmo kommendya servis | awos arveth my a'n gwra.
    If you will, here, at any time | To me entrust service | For wages I will do it. (BM3199-3201)
  • Hethov me a weyll carov | parur (pur) uskis y feth marov | awoys ovn a then genys
    Hedhewgh! My a wel karow! | Pur uskis y fydh marow, | Awos own a dhen genys.
    Peace : I see a hart | Right soon he will be dead. | Notwithstanding fear of man born. (BM3235-7)
  • ny yllyn pee agen rent | the guel awos y wagis
    ny yllyn pe agan rent | dhe well awos y wajys.
    We cannot pay our rent | The better because of his wages. (BM3264-5)
  • benythe numbethe schame | awoys gul drok
    Bynytha ny'm bedha sham | awos gul drog.
    Never had I shame | On account of doing evil. (BM3371-2)
  • Nefre ny nehyn an fay | awos ovn ahanes gy | nag ʒethov ongrassyas
    Nevra ny neghyn an fay | awos own ahanas jy, | nag Yedhow ongrassyes!
    Never will we deny our faith | For fear of thee, | No! graceless Jew! (BM3515-7)
  • Henna yv an pyth na raff | ihesu crist ny denahaff | awoys a ylly dym gul
    Henna yw an pyth na wrav: | Yesu Krist ny dhenaghav | awos a ylli dhymm gul.
    That is the thing I will not do : | Jesu Christ I will not deny | Because of what thou mayst do to me. (BM3555-7)
  • Maria ater the vregh | dulle thym the vap ihesu | awoys ovn peryl na pegh | eff a dre gena hythyv
    Maria, a-der dha vregh | dyllo dhymm dha Vab Yesu. | Awos own peryll na pegh | ev a dre gene' hedhyw.
    Mary, outside of thy arm, | Let come to me thy son Jesu. | Notwithstanding fear of peril or sin, | He shall go home with me to-day. (BM3631-4)
  • Awoys ov bones cheynys | a tefes dym nebes neys | me a pylse the pen blogh
    Awos ow bones chaynys | a teffes dhymm nebes nes | my a bilsa dha benn blogh
    Because of my being chained, | If thou wouldst come to me somewhat nearer, | I would peel thy blockhead (BM3826-8)
  • Ha mylw#t# purguir in geth | war ben y ij lyn purfeth | y fynna moys awoys greff
    Ha milweyth pur wir y'n jydh | war benn y dhewlin perfeyth | y fynna mos awos grev,
    And a thousand times right truly in the day | On the end of his two knees perfectly | He would go on account of mortification. (BM4455-7)