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Over someone's permission:

  • ay frut dybry nym bes whans | dres dyfen ov arloth ker
    A'y frut dybri ny'm beus hwans | dres difen ow Arlodh ker
    I have no wish to eat of its fruit | Through the prohibition of our dear Lord (OM171-2)
  • Aban golste worty hy | ha gruthyl dres ov defen
    A-ban gols'ta orti hi | ha gwruthyl dres ow difen
    Because thou hearkenedst to her | And to act beyond my prohibition (OM269-70)


  • Benegas yw neb a gar / du dris pub tra vs yn bys (PA24)
  • En scherewys a sorras / rag bonas crist honoris / ha bos y ober mar vras / ha dris an bys ol notijs (PA31)