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Compare with determya


be sure about sth, be determined, conclude (based on some information)

  • Rag y hyller ervyre | hay welas yn suredy | y vos prest worth ȝe vetye | ȝe veth ȝys ha belyny
    Rag y hyllir ervira | ha'y weles yn surredi, | y vos prest orth dha vetya | dhe veth dhis ha bileni
    For you may be sure, and see indeed that he is always waylaying you to your shame and disgrace (PA20)
  • Lemmyn ny a yl gwelas | hag ervyre fest yn ta | cryst ȝe woȝaff dre ȝensys | mur a benans yn bysma
    Lemmyn ni a yll gweles | hag ervira fest yn ta, | Krist dhe wodhav dre dhenses | meur a benans y'n bys ma.
    Now we can see and be quite convinced that Christ, as Man, suffered much penance in this world. (PA60)

command, determine

  • na dybreugh my a yrvyr | kyc gans gos bys worfen veys
    Na dhybrewgh, my a ervir, | kig gans goes bys worfenn bys.
    I command you not to eat | Flesh with blood to the end of the world. (OM1219-20)


determined, decided

  • yrverys eu rum levte | sol-a-thyth the avonsye | an kynse benfys am been
    Ervirys yw re'm lowta, | seuladhydh dha avonsya | An kynsa benfis a'm ben
    It hath been thought of, on my truth, | For a long time, to advance thee | To the first benefice I have. (OM2611-3)

determined, as i see it?

  • symon del of yrvyrys | yma thy'mmo ru'm laute | nebes the leuerel thy's | gosleuw orthyf vy wharre
    Symon, dell ov ervirys | yma dhymmo, re'm lowta, | nebes dhe leverel dhis | goslow orthiv vy hware.
    Simon, as I am invited, | There is to me, by my truth, | Something to say to thee; | Hearken to me presently. (PC493-6)


  • ha bethough war colonow | rak satnas yv yrvyrys | avel ys y'nothlennow | th'agas kroddre me a grys
    Ha bedhewgh war, kolonnow, | rag Satnas yw ervirys | avel ys yn nothlennow | dh'agas kroedra, my a grys
    And be of cautions hearts, | For Satan is desirous, | As corn in winnowing sheets, | To whirl you round, I believe. (PC879-82)
  • an porpos yv erverys | wath eff a fyl annotha
    An porpos yw ervirys | hwath ev a fyll anodho.
    The purpose is designed | Yet he will fail thereof. (BM988-9) talking about Tewdar's plan to catch Meriasek - his plan has been determined/decided, but he will fail


Peter doesn't want Jesus to wash his feet

  • me a'n te thy's renothas | kyn na vens neffre golhys | ty ny's golhyth yn nep cas | war beyns ol of yruyrys
    my a'n te dhis, re'n ow Thas, | kyn na vens nevra goghys | ty ny's golghydh yn neb kas | war vyns oll ov ervirys.
    I swear it to thee, by my father, | Though they be never washed, | Thou shalt not wash them in any case, | On pain of all I am worth. (PC851-4)