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Compare with synsi, difres, golyas


  • yn le may fynny a wyth | ma na gaffo gorthyp vyth | er-agan-pyn the cous ger
    Yn le may fynni a with [?] | ma na gaffo gorthyp vydh | er agan pynn dhe gows ger
    To the place that thou mayest wish, moreover; | That he may not find any answer, | Against us to say a word. (PC1838-40)
  • yn della yth il cotha | a tus warnan yn tor-ma | na fen harth th'aga guythe
    Yndella y hyll koedha | an dus warnan y'n tor' ma | na ven hardh dh'aga gwitha.
    So it may be, that if people | fall on us at this time, | We may not be able to keep them. (PC2295-7)

gwitha: protect sth/sb

  • a hanas y thew scrifys | bos eleth worth ȝe wyȝe | rag own yw ȝom desevys | ȝe droys worth meyn ȝe dochye
    Ahanas yth yw skrifys | bos eledh orth dha witha, | rag own yth omdhisevys | dha droos orth men dh'y dochya
    It is written of you that angels are guarding you for fear you are going to stumble by catching your foot on a stone. (PA14)

gwitha: guard sth/sb

  • yn lyvyr yma scryfys | bos eleth worth the wythe | ragh ovn the vos desesys | the tros worth men py stige
    Y'n lyver yma skrifys | bos eledh worth dha witha | rag own dha vos disevys | dha droes orth men pystiga
    In a book it is written, | There be angels to guard thee, | For fear to be hurt | Thy foot against stone or stick (PC95-98)
  • Pylat a yrghys ȝeȝe | war beyn kylly an bewnans | monas ȝen corf ȝy weȝe | nan kemerre y yskerans
    pilat a erghis dhedha | war bayn kelli an bywnans | mones dhe'n korf dh'y witha | na'n kemmerra eskerens
    Pilate commanded them, on pain of losing their lives, to go to the body and guard it so that enemies would not take it (PA241)
  • bost a wrens tyn ha deveth | yn gweȝens worth y ehen
    bost a wrens tynn ha diveth | y'n gwithens orth y eghenn
    they made a direct and shameless boast that they would guard him in spite of anything he could do. (PA242)
  • mar a callaf y wythe | pur wyr lethys byth ny vyth | me a wra y ascusie | mar ver del alla den uyth
    Mara kallaf y witha, | pur wir ledhys bydh ny vydh. | My a wra y askusya | mar verr dell alla' denvydh
    If I can preserve him. | Very truly he shall not ever be slain | I will excuse him | As soon as any man can. (PC2209-12)
  • syre me ath cusulse | ordyne tus the wythe |beth an treytor yv marow
    Syrra, my a'th kusulsa | ordena tus dhe witha | bedh an traytour yw marow
    Sire, I would advise thee, | Order men to guard | The tomb of the traitor who is dead: (RD335-7)
  • ha mar ny wrer y wythe | y thyskyblon yn pryve | an lader yn mes an beyth
    Ha mar ny wrer y witha, | y dhyskyblon yn priva | a'n lader yn-mes a'n bedh
    And if it be not guarded | His disciples privily | Will steal him out of the tomb; (RD341-3)
  • rak henna tus ervys freth | gor thy wythe a termyn
    Rakhenna tus ervys freth | gorr dh'y witha a dermyn.
    For that, men strongly armed | Put to guard him in time. (RD351-2)
  • mar ny fethe ef guythys | gans y tus y fyth laddrys
    Mar ny vydh eev gwithys | gans y dus y fydh ledrys
    If he be not guarded, | By his people he will be stolen (RD353-4)
  • cryst myghtern an yethewon | nan laddro an crystenyon | guytheugh war peyn
    Cryst, Myghtern an Yedhewon, | na'n lattro an Kristonyon, | gwithewgh, war bayn.
    Christ, King of the Jews, | That the Christians steal him not, | Guard ye, under penalty. (RD364-6)
  • syre pilat hep parow | guythe an corf yv marow | dynny yv reys
    Syrra Pilat heb parow, | gwitha an korf yw marow | dhyn ni yw res
    Sir Pilate without equal, | To guard the body which is dead, | To us is necessary; (RD367-9)
  • me an guyth kyn tassorgho | thy-worthyn den nan laddro | by na porth dout
    My a'n gwith kyn tassorggho, | dhiworthyn den na'n lattro, | bydh na borth dout!
    I will keep him though he should rise again; | From us man shall not take him, | Never have fear. (RD379-81)
  • agy then beth men yv clos | me an guyth sur deth ha nos | awos y dysciplys plos | kyn teffons y vyth mar clor
    A-jy dhe'n bedh men yw klos | my a'n gwith sur dydh ha nos | awos y dhyssiplys blos | kyn teffons i vydh mar glor.
    Within the tomb of stone he is closed; | I will surely guard him day and night, | In spite of his dirty disciples, | Though they come ever so fierce. (PC389-92)
  • guythens pup y tenewen | ha me a gosk ryp y pen | rag y wythe
    Gwithens peub y denewen | ha my a gosk ryb y benn | rag y witha.
    Let every one keep his side, | And I will sleep by his head, | To guard him. (RD417-9)
  • lowene thys syr pilat | awos bos ny peswar smat | guythe an beth ny ylsyn
    Lowena dhis, Syrr Pilat! | Awos bos ni peswar smat | gwitha an bedh ny yllsyn
    Joy to thee, sir Pilate! | Though we be four fellows | We could not keep the tomb (RD601-3)

gwitha: prevent sth

  • ha leuerell yredy | mar teffa tus ha gweȝe | bos ȝe ȝu ȝe wull gynsy
    ha leverel yredi, | mar teffa tus ha gwitha, | bos dhe Dhuw dhe wul gensi
    and if any man came to prevent it, to say indeed that it was on God's business. (PA27)

gwitha: preserve/save sth

  • Pylat a vynsse gwyȝe | bewnans Ihesus dre goyntis
    pilat a vynnsa gwitha | bywnans yesus dre goyntys
    Pilate would have liked to preserve the life of Jesus by a subterfuge (PA125)
  • a wottense ow kelwel | hely ȝoȝo ȝy wyȝe | myrugh mar te drehevell | ay beynys ȝy delyffre
    awottensa ow kelwel | eli dhodho dh'y witha | mirewgh mar teu drehevel | a'y baynys dh'y dhelivra
    Behold him calling Elias to him to preserve him. see whether he comes and rises up to deliver him from his tortures (PA203)
  • y vevnens nynsus guythe | na vo marow yn tor-ma
    Y vywnans nyns eus gwitha, | na vo marow y'n tor' ma.
    One cannot preserve his life, | That he be not put to death now. (PC2445-6)
  • me a vynse y wythe | ha ny yllyn cammen vyth | pup ol ese ow crye | y lathe awos trauyth
    My a vynnsa y witha, | ha ny yllyn kammen vydh. | Peub oll esa ow kria | y ladha awos travydh.
    I would have preserved him, | And could not any way ; | All were crying | To kill him above any thing. (PC3125-8)
  • hag y a wyth y vody | na potre bys vynary | kyn fe yn beth myl vlythen
    Hag i a with y vodi, | na bottra vydh vynari, | kyn fe y'n bedh mil vlydhen,
    And they shall preserve his body, | That it do not decay ever, | Though it be in the grave a thousand years; (PC3199-3201)

gwitha: keep sth

  • en arhans me a gymer | hagh a's guyth kettep dyner | yn certan rak an termyn
    An arghans my a gemmer | hag a's gwith kettep diner | yn sertan rag an termyn.
    The money I will take, | And keep it every coin | Certainly for the time. (PC1537-9)
  • y grygyans pup ol guythes | puppenagol a wharfo
    y gryjyans pub oll gwithes | pypynag oll a hwarvo.
    His belief let every one keep, | Whatever may happen. (RD1537-8)
  • ha nynsyw ef aperth dev | bysy vye ol an blu | rak y wythe | thy worre a ber yn beth
    H'a nyns yw ev a-barth Dyw, | bysi via oll an blu | rag y witha, | dh'y worra a-berth y'n bedh.
    And if he be not on the part of God, | Hard it would be for all the parish | To keep him, | To lay him within the grave; (RD2105-8)
  • why a preder a'y passyon | pup den ol yn y colon | hag a'n guyth stedfast ha len
    Hwi a breder a'y basshyon, | pub den oll yn y golonn, | hag a'n gwith stedfast ha len.
    You go, reflect on his passion, | Every man in his heart, | And keep it steadfast and true. (PC3223-5)

gwitha: stop sb

  • ef e wre oll y vynnas | y ny yllens y weȝe
    ev a wre oll y vynnas | i ny yllens y witha
    he did everything he wanted and they could not prevent him. (PA243)
  • ha na yllens y gwyȝe | y voth na vo colenwys
    ha na yllens i gwitha | y vodh na ve kollenwys
    and they could not prevent him doing exactly as he wished. (PA248)

gwitha na: stop that you don't do sth

  • ha me a wyth nan lyttry | na cous ef the thasserghy | vn ger tuch vyth
    ha my a with na'n lyttri | na kows ev dhe dhasserghi | unn ger toch vydh.
    And I will keep that thou steal him not, | Nor say that he rises again, | One word at any time. (RD58-60)

gwitha na: prevent sth

  • vn queth tek hy a drylyas | adro ȝoȝo desympys | ha warnans hy an quuthas | rag gwyȝe na ve storuys
    unn kweth teg hi a drelyas | a-dro dhodho desempis | ha warnans hi a'n kwethas | rag gwitha na ve stervys
    she wound a beautiful cloth round him straight away and wrapped up his lower part to shield him from being killed by the cold. (PA177)
  • Rag gwan spyr(n) hag ef yn ten | caman na ylly gwyȝe | war nans na bosse y ben
    rag gwan spern hag ev yn | kammenn na ylli gwitha | war-nans na boessa y benn
    Because of the piercing of thorns as he was stretched out, there was no way he could stop his head leaning downward. (PA205)

gwitha rag: keep/protect sb/sth from sb/sth

  • th'agan guythe . ragh map a'n pla | agan temptye . pur feyl a wra | prest yn pup le . the gul drok tra
    Dh'agan gwitha rag mab an pla | agan temptya pur fel a wra | prest yn pub le dhe wul droktra
    To preserve us, for the son of evil | Us tempt very craftily will | Always in every place, to do evil things (PC10-12)
  • ol ny a pys . yowynk ha hen | war thu pup prys . mercy gan ken | may fen guythys . rak an bylen | hagh ol sylwys . trank hep gorfen
    Oll ni a bys yowynk ha hen | war Dhyw pup-prys mersi 'gan ken | may fen gwithys rag an bilen | hag oll selwys trank heb worfenn.
    All we pray, young and old, | To God always, mercy with pity, | That we be preserved from the evil one, | And all saved, time without end. (PC39-42)
  • ow thas ker a thy-lawe | dre y voth th'agas gwythe | ragh terrygy
    ow Thas kerra, dh'y lawa | der y vodh dh'agas gwitha | rag terrosa
    My Father dear, be he praised, | By his will to keep you | From vanities (PC110-112)
  • arluth a nef . guyth ow enef | rak pup drok tra
    Arloedh a nev, gwith ow enev | rag pub droktra
    Lord of heaven, guard my soul | From all evil thing. (PC263-4)
  • pan ello ow corf yn pry | guyth vy rak an ioul drok was
    Pan ello ow horf y'n pri | gwith vy rag an jowl, drogwas.
    When my body goes to clay, | Preserve me from the devil, the evil wight. (RD1563-4)
  • worth henna whet me a wyth | yn beys na allo den vyth | gul hager vernans thymmo
    Worth henna hwath my a with | y'n bys na allo denvydh | gul hager-vernans dhymmo
    From that I will yet preserve myself, | So that no man in the world may | Do a cruel death to me; (RD2039-41)

gwitha heb: keep sth without

  • Pylat yn ta a woȝye | y ȝe gusel dre envy | rag henna ef a vynse | gweȝe crist heb velyny
    pilat yn ta a wodhya | i dhe gewsel dre envi | rakhenna ev a vynnsa | gwitha krist heb vileni
    Pilate knew well that they spoke out of malice. Because of this he would have liked to protect christ from abuse (PA127)

gwitha a: keep sb (away) from=

  • mara keller y wythe | a chy na alla yntre | the'n darasow
    Mara kaller y witha | a ji, na alla entra | dhe'n darasow.
    If he can be kept | From the house, that he may not enter | The doors. (PC3058-60)

gwitha heb: preserve sth from

  • oynment o a gymmys ras | may weȝe corf heb pedry
    oynment o a gemmys ras | may hwitha korf heb pedri
    The ointment was of such great virtue that it preserved a body from putrefaction. (PA235)

gwith: keeping, charge, guard

  • a syre na blamyowg ny | a nyngese alwheow | warbarth yn ages guyth why | ha dyen an darasow
    A syrra, na vlamyewgh ni! | A nyns esa alhwedhow | warbarth yn agas gwith hwi | ha dien an darasow?
    O sir, do not blame us; | Were not the keys | Together in your keeping, | And the doors whole ? (RD649-52)


defend oneself

  • onweyth lemmyn mar coȝas
    omwith lemmyn mar kodhes
    defend yourself now if you can (PA92)

protect oneself

  • lemmyn gans ol y vestry | ragon ny wor omweȝe | na gans oll y tretury | ny yll agan dyssaytye
    lemmyn gans oll y vaystri | ragon ny woer omwitha | na gans oll y drayturi | ny yll agan dessaytya
    now with all his power he cannot protect himself from us, nor with all his treachery can he deceive us (PA194)
  • an denma re drehevys | gallas ny woȝan pele | lemman na veny leȝys | nyn ges forth ȝe omweȝe
    an den ma re dhrehevis | gallas ny wodhon pyla | lemmyn na ven ledhys | nyns eus fordh dhe omwitha
    this man has risen. he has gone we know not where. now there is no way to protect ourselves from being killed. (PA245)
  • heil myghtern a'n yethewon | ymwyth lemman rag an ken
    Hayl, Myghtern an Yedhewon, | omwith lemmyn rag anken.
    Hail, King of the Jews, | Preserve thyself now from the torture. (PC2143-4)

keep oneself from doing sth

  • te na yllyth omweȝe | vn pres yn geyth na peghy
    ty na yllydh omwitha | unn pres y'n jydh na beghi
    you who cannot keep yourself from sinning for a single moment in the day (PA20)


make sure to do sth / take care to do sth

  • pylat Iustis otese | Ihesus gorweyth y dampnye
    pilat justis o'ta sy | yesus gorwith y dhampnya
    Pilate, you are a magistrate. be sure to condemn jesus (PA107)
  • lymmyn gorqvyth y gare | ha gweyth denatar na vy
    lemmyn gorwith y gara | ha gwayt dinatur na vi
    now take great care to love him and make sure you are not vilely ungrateful (PA139)


  • a hanas y thew scrifys / bos eleth worth ȝe wyȝe (PA14)
  • ha leuerell yredy / mar teffa tus ha gweȝe / bos ȝe ȝu ȝe wull gynsy (PA27)