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pres subj.

  • hedre vons y ov plentye | ihesus yn dour a scryfas | ha dre virtu an scrife | peb ȝe ves a omdennas
    Hedre vens i ow plentya, | Yesus y'n dor a skrifas, | ha dre vertu an skrifa, | peub dhe-ves a omdennas.
    While they were making a charge, Jesus wrote on the ground, and by the power of what he wrote everyone went away. (PA33)
  • hedre vyyn ov predery | yn glassygyon gesough y | Aga thyr the wrowethe
    Hedre vyn ow prederi, | yn glesyjyon gesewgh i | aga theyr dhe wrowedha
    While we are considering, | Leave them on a green plot, | These three to lie; (OM2035-7) consultor, to the king, about three rods (gwelen)
  • ow dyskyblon ysethough | hag omma pols powesough | hedre vyma ov pygy
    Ow dyskyblon, esedhewgh | hag omma pols powesewgh | hedre vi'ma ow pysi.
    Sit, my disciples, | And rest here a while, | Whilst I am praying (PC1011-13)
  • rak hedre vyugh ow pleghye | thywhy byth nys dysk neffre | yn nep maner
    rag hedre vewgh ow plegya | dhy'hwi byth ny's di'sk nevra | yn neb maner.
    For as long as you are yielding | He will never take it off for you | In any manner. (RD1950-2)

pres subj.

  • vynytha hedre vywy | vmma nym gvelyth arte
    Vynytha hedre vywi | omma ny'm gwelydh arta
    Ever whilst thou livest | Here thou shalt not see me again (OM243-4)
  • yth whys lavur the thybry | ty a wra bys yth worfen | spern ha spethes ov tevy | hedre vy may fo anken
    Y'th hwys, lavur dhe dhybri | ty a wra bys y'th worfen, | spern ha spedhas ow tevi | hedre vi may fo anken
    In thy sweat labour to eat | Thou shalt, even to thy end, | Thorn and briars growing | Until it be that death be (OM273-6) unsure, as long as you be, that there be death?
  • hedre vo yn the herwyth | fythys nefre ny vethyth | gans tebeles war an beys
    Hedre vo yn dha herwydh | fethys nevra ny vydhydh | gans tebeles war an bys.
    As long as it is in thy power, | Thou shalt never be overcome | By evil thing in the world. (OM1464-6) God, to Moses
  • y a vyth guythys calas | hedre vyns y yn ov gulas | rag nynsough mas dev lorel
    I a vydh gwithys/gweythys kales | hedre vons i yn ow gwlas, | rag nyns owgh ma's dew lorel.
    They shall be kept/worked hard, | As long as they are in my kingdom; | For ye are naught but two vagabonds. (OM1502-4) about the people of Israel
  • salmon ov map koroneugh | hagas myghtern ef synseugh | hedre vyugh byv yn bys-ma
    Sal'mon ow mab kurunewgh, | ha'gas myghtern ev synsewgh | hedre vowgh byw y'n bys ma.
    Crown Solomon my son, | And for your king hold him | While you live in this world. (OM2347-9) King, almost dead
  • arluth kepar del vynny | del ose dev dreys pup tra | me a wra prest hep ynny | hedre veyf bew yn bys-ma
    Arlòdh, kepar dell vynni, | dell osa Duw dres pub tra, | my a wra prest heb ynni, | hedre viv byw y'n bys ma.
    Lord, like as thou wishest, | As thou art God above all things, | I will do ever without denial. | So long as I am living in this world. (PC1017-20)
  • ha iowan otte the vam | yn della syns y hep nam | hedre vywhy
    Ha Jowan, otta dha vamm; | yndella syns hi heb namm | hedre vywi.
    And John, behold thy mother; | Thus keep her, without denial, | As long as ye live. (PC2928-30)
  • ol del vynny arluth ker | my a wra yn pup tyller | hedre veyn bev yn bys-ma
    Oll dell vynni, Arlòdh ker, | my a wra yn pub tyller | hedre vyn byw y'n bys ma.
    All as thou wishest, dear Lord, | I will do in every place, | As long as we are living in this world (PC113-5)
  • arluth ker gura yn lowen | hedre vy yn beys gynen | neffre trystyns ny gen byth
    Arlòdh ker, gwra yn lowen! | Hedre vi y'n bys genen | nevra tristyns ny'gan bydh.
    Dear Lord, be joyful! | Whilst thou art in the world with us, | Never is sorrow with us (PC729-31)
  • arluth golhy mara qureth | ow treys thy'm y ffye meth | hedre veyf byv yn certan
    Arlòdh, golghi mara kwredh | ow treys dhymm y fia meth | hedre viv byw yn certan.
    Lord, if thou washest | My feet, it would be a shame to me | As long as I live, certainly. (PC845-7)
  • neffre yn dour hedre vo | ny thue dresto na varwo | gour gruek na best
    Nevra y'n dowr hedre vo | ny dheu dresto na varwo | gour, gwreg na best.
    Ever in water while he is, | No one goes over it that does not die, | Man, woman, or beast. (PC2225-7)