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Not BK or TH


  • ty re gamwruk eredy | ha ren dros the vur anken | pan russys thotho dybry | ha tastye frut an wethen
    Ty re gammwrug yredi | ha re'n dros dhe veur anken | pan wrussys dhodho dybri | ha tastya frut an wydhenn
    Thou hast done evil verily | And hast brought him to much sorrow | When thou madest him eat | And taste the fruit of the tree (OM281-4)
  • may whrussons cam dremene | sur y a vyllyk an prys
    May hwrussons kammdremena | sur i a villik an prys
    That they did the evil transgression | Surely they will lament the time (OM337-8)
  • moyses thyso lauara | ty a gam wruk yn tor-ma | mes a egip agan dry
    Moyses, dhiso lavarav | ty a gammwrug y'n tor' ma | mes a Ejyp agan dri
    Moses, I will tell thee | Thou hast done wrong in this time | To bring us out of Egypt (OM1645-7)
  • ny the gamwul y won guyr | Ni dhe gammwul y hwonn gwir | That we do wrong, I know truly (PC1065)
  • mar wyr vyl despyt re'th fo | rak ty th'y gam worthyby | ty a vyth box trewysy
    Mar wir, vil despyt re'th fo | Rag ty dh'y gammworthebi | ty a'fydh boks truesi
    Most truly, vile treatment be to thee | Because thou answerest him improperly | Thou shalt have a hard blow (PC1267-9)
  • yn ta ef re'n dyndylas | pan cam worthybys cayfas | cafus drok hag yfle grath
    Yn ta ev re'n dendilas | pan gammworthebis Cayfas | kavoes drog hag yfla-gras
    Well he has deserved it | When he answered Caiaphas rudely | To have a bad and evil dole (PC1402-4)
  • as wrussough cam tremene | cuth gueles y theweth fe | namnan dallas
    Ass wrussowgh kammdremena! | Keudh gweles y dhiwedhva | nammna'n dallas
    You did permit an unjust death | A grief to see his end it was | It almost blinded us (RD40-2)
  • tav sethe vyn ty phelip | rak pur wyr ty a gam dip | warnotho ef
    Taw, syns dha vin, ty Phelip | rag pur wir ty a gammdyb | warnodho ev
    Sit silent, wilt thou, Philip | For most truly thou swearest wrongly | About him (RD995-7)

gul kamm

  • byth ny ra cam the neb den
    Byth ny wra kamm dhe neb den
    Never do wrong to any one (BM2031)


  • ow ham wyth bras . gaf thy'm a tas | dre the vertu
    Ow hammweyth bras . gav dhymm, a Das | dre dha vertu
    My great bad deed . forgive me, O Father | By thy virtue (PC3029-30)
  • rag hedna sure me a wra | Benytha wo3a hebma | in ybbern y fyth gwelys | an gabm thavas in teffry
    Rag henna sur my a wra | bynytha wosa hemma | y'n ebren y fydh gwelys | an gabmdhavas yn tevri
    Therefore I will surely make | A blessing after this | In (the) sky it shall be seen | The rainbow really (CW2498-2501)

Kamm (a rogue)

  • a lorels re's bo drok lam | syttyough dalhennow yn cam | a leuer y vos map dev
    A lorels, re's bo droglamm! | Settyewgh dalghennow y'n kamm | a lever y vos Mab Dyw
    O rascals ! be it an evil step for ye ! | Set hands on the rogue | Who says he is Son of God (PC1125-7)
  • a harlot re'th fo drok lam | ma stryf yntre an thev cam | ny wrons vry my the crye
    A harlot, re'th fo droglamm | 'Ma strif yntra an dhew gamm | Ny wrons vri my dhe kria
    Ah, knave, it shall be a bad leap for thee | There is strife between the two rogues | They will not obey me crying out (PC2247-9)
  • ha why kelmogh an dew gam | yn dyw crous kyns bos prys bos
    Ha hwi, kelmewgh an dhew gamm | yn diw grows, kyns bos prys boes
    And ye bind the two rogues | On two crosses, before it be time for food (PC2783-4)

Kamm (noun, a wrong)

  • nynsyv awos drokcoleth | ythogh kerhys dymovy | repreff na cam nygis beth
    nyns yw awos drokkoleth | yth owgh kyrghys dhymmo vy | Reprev na kamm ny'gas bydh
    It is not on account of an ill deed | That you are fetched to me | Reproof nor wrong ye shall not have (BM1768-70)

Kamm (adj, wrong)

  • thynny prest y fye cam | mar ny rellen y gorthya | in guelhe preys
    Dhyn ni prest y fia kamm | mar ny wrellen hy gordhya | Yn gwella prys
    For us ever it would be wrong | If we did not worship her | In best time (BM3755-7)
  • sav thymo restoryans hy | ov map henna nynsyv cam | pan vsy y flogh dethy
    saw dhymmo restoryens hi | ow Mab: henna nyns yw kamm | pan usi hy flogh dhedhi!
    But to me let her restore | My son : that is not wrong | Since she has her (own) son (BM3778-80)
  • a molath then horsen kam | ha thage in weth gansa
    A, molleth dhe'n horsen kamm | ha dhe'jy ynwedh ganso!
    Ah! a curse to the crooked whoreson | And to thee also with him (CW804-5)
  • defalebys os ha cabm | overdevys oll gans henna | ythos gans bleaw
    Di'velebys os ha kamm | overdevys oll gans henna | yth os, gans blew
    Deformed thou art and crooked | Therewith all overgrown | Thou art with hair (CW1603-5)
  • me a wra then horsen cam | Boos calassa presonys
    My a wra dhe'n horsen kamm | bos kalessa prisonys
    I will make the crooked whoreson | Be most hardly imprisoned (CW2037-8)

Kamm (a step)

  • dallaȝ a var infreȝ dar war | oun ma porȝo | ef emsettye worȝesy | kam na veȝo
    Dalleth a-varr; yn freth darwar | own ma porttho | Ev omsettya orthis sy | kamm na vettho
    Start early eagerly. Mind | that he bears fear | him opposing you | a step he dares not
    Start early eagerly. Make sure he's afraid so that he won't dare oppose you even one little bit. (CF27-30)
  • Gans gloteny ef pan welas | cam na ylly y dolla | en tebell el a vynnas | yn ken maner y demptye
    Gans glotni ev pan welas | kamm na ylli y dolla, | an tebel-el a vynnas | yn ken maner y demptya
    When he saw that he could not trick him at all with gluttony, the evil angel decided to tempt him in another way. (PA13)
  • Mur a dus a leuerys | ny dayl ȝys cam y naghe | dre ȝe gows y ȝew prevys | ȝe vos den a galyle
    Meur a dus a leveris | Ny dal dhis kamm y nagha | dre dha gows yth yw prevys | dha vos den a Galila
    Many people said, "It is no use at all your denying it. It is proved by your speech that you are a man of Galilee." (PA85)
  • hembrynkeugh an harlot guas | ha gans ow wyp me a'n cheas | ma kertho garwo y cam
    Hembrenkewgh an harlotwas | ha gans ow hwip my a'n chas | may kerttho garwa y gamm
    Bring the knave fellow | And with my whip I will drive him | That he walks more awful his step (PC1195-7)

War gamm (adv)

  • ty a whyth auel caugh guas | whyth war gam vyngeans y'th glas | ny dryk gryghonen yn fok
    Ty a hwyth avel kawghwas | Hwyth war gamm, venjans y'th glas | Ny dryg gwryghonenn y'n fog
    Thou blowest like a dirty fellow | Blow athwart, vengeance on thy maw | There remains not a spark in the forge (PC2715-7)
  • ty uyl losel guask war gam | ha compys yfl mot thow the
    Ty vil losel, gwask war gamm | ha kompes, yfl mot thow the
    Thou vile knave, smite athwart | And straight, evil mayest thou thrive (PC2735-6)
  • Ay tevdar ke war the gam | molleth du the vapp the vam
    Ay, Tewdar, ke war dha gamm | molleth Dyw dhe vab dha vamm!
    Ah Teudar, go on thy way | God's curse on thy mother's son ! (BM1048-9)
  • A war agys cam why pobyl
    A, war agas kamm, hwi bobel.
    Go on your way, you people (BM2022)
  • A thermas cry war the gam | nynsyv onest thys heb nam | dones the rag arlythy
    A dhremas, ke war dha gamm | nyns yw onest dhis heb namm | dones dherag arlydhi
    O worthy man, cry on thy way | It is not honourable for thee without exception | To come before lords (BM3043-5)
  • Ser turant ke war the gam | bythqueth ny vue map the vam | genys wath then eretons
    Syrr turant, ke war dha gamm | bythkweyth ny veu mab dhe vamm | genys hwath dhe'n eretons
    Sir tyrant, go thy way | Never has there been a son of thy mother | Born yet to the heritage (BM3467-9)
  • Ay turant ke war the gam | molleth du the vap the vam
    Ay turant, ke war dha gamm! | Molleth Dyw dhe vab dha vamm!
    O tyrant, go on thy way ! | God's curse to thy mother's son ! (BM3737-8)
  • Arlythy eugh wy war gam
    Arlydhi, ewgh hwi war gamm.
    Lords, go your way. (BM3974)

Gans kamm

  • [...] rag ef gans cam | a gergth thyworthy'n adam | hag eua ha lyes smat
    [...] rag ev gans kamm | a gergh dhiworthyn Adam | hag Eua, ha lies smat
    [...] for he with wrong | Will fetch from us Adam | And Eve, and many friends (PC3034-6)
  • mur venions ha calas ran | ef a whylas | ihesu cryst myghtern a nef | ha falslych yn iuggyas ef | gans cam pur vras
    Meur venjans ha kales rann | ev a hwilas | Ihesu Cryst, Myghtern a nev | ha falslych y'n jujyas ev | gans kamm pur bras
    Great vengeance and cruel division | He hath sought | Jesus Christ the King of heaven | And falsely hath sentenced him | With very great wickedness (RD2260-4)


  • In agis mysk pan esen | la(h)ys du ȝeugh ow tysky | gallus nyn gese kemmen | ȝom cara na ȝom sensy
    yn agas mysk pan esen | laghys dyw dhywgh ow tyski | galloes nyns esa kammen | dhe'm k'ara na dhe'm synsi
    When I was among you, teaching you God's laws, there was no power at all to fetter or hold me. (PA75)
  • Camen pylat pan welas | na ylly crist delyffre | manan geffo ef sor bras | ȝe worth ol an goweȝe
    kammen pilat pan welas | na ylli krist delivra | ma na'n jevo ev sorr bras | dhiworth oll an gowetha
    When Pilate saw that there was no way he could release Christ without incurring great wrath from all the company, ... (PA150)
  • I beyn o mar greff ha tyn | caman na ylly bewe | heb dascor y eneff gwyn | bytqueth yn lan revewse
    y bayn o mar grev ha | kammen na ylli bywa | heb daskorr y enev gwynn | bythkweyth yn lan re vywsa
    His torture was so intense and cruel that in no way could he live without surrendering his blessed spirit that had ever lived in purity. (PA204)
  • Rag gwan spyr(n) hag ef yn ten | caman na ylly gwyȝe | war nans na bosse y ben
    rag gwan spern hag ev yn | kammen na ylli gwitha | war-nans na boessa y benn
    Because of the piercing of thorns as he was stretched out, there was no way he could stop his head leaning downward. (PA205)
  • re iovyn drok yv gyne | na venta kammen tryle | yn maner tek
    Re Iovyn, drog yw gene' | na vynn'ta kammenn trelya | yn maner teg
    By Jove, it is evil with us | That thou wilt not turn thy way | To a fair manner (PC1292-4)
  • ov arlothes sur gyne | dre thynnargh agas pygys | na wrellough cammen lathe | an profus a nazare
    Ow arloedhes sur gene' | dre dhinargh a'gas pysis | na wrellowgh kammen ladha | an profoes a Nazare
    My lady surely by me | Through command, prayed you | That ye do not unjustly slay | The prophet of Nazareth (PC2194-7)
  • me a vynse y wythe | ha ny yllyn cammen vyth
    My a vynnsa y witha | ha ny yllyn kammen vyth
    I would have preserved him | And could not any way (PC3125-6)
  • ellas the vos mar wokky | cammen na vynnyth crygy | pen vyghterneth
    Ellas dha vos mar wokki | kammen na vynnydh krysi | Penn vyghternedh
    Alas ! to be so foolish! | Crookedly, thou wilt not believe | The Head of sovereignty (RD989-91)
  • den na gresso dyougel | an keth den-na the selwel | cammen vyth na yl wharfos
    Den na grysso diogel | an keth den na dhe selwel | kammen vyth na yll hwarvos
    Any man who does not believe really | That same man to save | Not any way can exist (RD2478-80) (+vyth)
  • my ny won pywe cammen
    My ny wonn p'yw e' kammen
    I know not who he is at all (RD2493)


  • Hag y thens ȝe ben dowlyn | hag y kewsens ȝe scornye | hag a gamma aga meyn | pub onon rag y eysye
    hag yth ens dhe benn dewlin | hag y kewsens dh'y skornya | hag a gamma aga min | pub onan rag y esya
    And they went on their knees and spoke to ridicule him, and pulled their faces awry, each one to mock him. (PA137)


  • Hag y ee ȝe ben dewlyn | ha hager mowys a wre | gweȝe goȝyans aga meyn | orth Ihesus a omgame
    hag i e dhe benn dewlin | ha hager mowys a wre | gwettha godhyens a'ga min | orth yesus a omgamma
    And they went on their knees and made ugly grimaces. As badly as they could they contorted their faces at jesus. (PA196)

In placenames

  • chapel maria cambron | gelwys yv an keth chyna
    Chapel Maria Kammbronn, gelwys yw an keth chi na
    Mary of Camborne's chapel | That same house is called (BM644-5)
  • yma tregys in cambron | den ov cul merclys dyson
    Yma trygys yn Kammbronn | den ow kul merklys dison
    There is dwelling in Camborne | A man working miracles at once (BM687-8)
  • in ca[m]bron me re gloways | yma prest vn methek brays | ov sawya tus in certen
    Yn Kammbronn my re glywas | yma prest unn medhek bras | ow sawya tus yn sertan
    In Camborne I have heard | There is now a great leech | Healing folk certainly (BM730-2)
  • Eugh thymo bys yn cambron | awest the carnbre dyson
    Ewgh dhymmo bys yn Kammbronn | a west dhe Garn Bre, dison
    Go ye for me as far as Camborne | Westward of Carn Brea, quickly (BM965-6)
  • me agis gyd rum ena | pur uskis bys in cambron
    My a'gas ged, re'm ena | pur uskis bys yn Kammbronn
    I will guide you, by my soul | Very quickly, as far as Camborne (BM981-2)
  • Omma me re fundyas plas | ryb maria a cambron
    Omma my re fondyas plas | ryb Maria a Gammbronn
    Here have I founded a place | By Mary of Camborne (BM990-1)
  • in cambron an lagasek | nynsusy eff malbe dam
    Yn Kammbronn an lagasek | nyns usi ev malbew damm
    In Camborne, the quick-of sight | He is not goddamn (BM1018-9)
  • wy agis beth gor ha gruek | banneth crist ha meryasek | banneth maria cambron
    Hwi a'gas bydh, gour ha gwreg | bennath Krist ha Meryasek | bennath Maria Kammbronn
    Ye shall have, man and woman | The blessing of Christ and Meriasek | The blessing of Mary of Camborne (BM2508-10)
  • In kernov me ambeth chy | ryb maria a cambron
    Yn Kernow my a'm bydh chi | ryb Maria a Kammbronn
    In Cornwall I shall have a house | By Mary of Camborne (BM4293-4)
  • Dywhy banneth meryasek | ha maria cambron wek | banneth an abesteleth
    Dhy'hwi bennath Meryasek | ha Maria Kammbronn hweg | bennath an abesteleth
    To you the blessing of Meriasek | And of sweet Mary of Camborne | The blessing of the apostles! (BM4557-9)


adjective kamm or shortened form of kammen?

  • ny vyn an vyl harlot cam | awos an bys dywethe
    Ny vynn an vil harlot kamm | awos an bys diwedha
    The vile evil knave will not | End, for the world (PC2914-5)

adjective 'wrong' or noun 'a wrong'?

  • thywhywy y fye cam | boys lethys am govys vy
    Dhy'hwyhwi y fia kamm | bos ledhys a'm govis vy
    To you it would be a wrong | To be slain because of me (BM1655-6)