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even though

  • reys yv dyberth otyweth | kyn fo tek an gowethas
    Res yw diberth wor'tiwedh | kyn fo teg an gowethas
    Need is it to part at last | Though fair be the companionship (BM4256-7)

even if

  • an pyth a wren . my ny wothyen | rag ny wylyn | hag a quellen . my ny'n grussen | kyn fen lethys
    An pyth a wren . my ny wodhyen | rag ny welyn | Hag a kwellen . my ny'n gwrussen | kyn fen ledhys
    What I did . I knew not | For I did not see | And if I had seen . I would not have done it | Even if I might have been slain (PC3021-4)
  • hag y a wyth y vody | na potre bys vynary | kyn fe yn beth myl vlythen
    Hag i a with y vodi, | na bottra vydh vynari, | kyn fe y'n bedh mil vlydhen,
    And they shall preserve his body, | That it do not decay ever, | Though it be in the grave a thousand years; (PC3199-3201)

even if but not subjunctive

  • oll an dorrowe in beysma | kyn fons warbarthe contylles | ny wra dewath an parna
    Oll an dowrow y'n bys ma | kyn fons warbarth kuntellys | ny wra diwedh a'n par na!
    All the waters in this world | Though they be gathered together | Will not make an end like that (CW2321-3)


  • Kyn na goff den skentyll pur / par del won lauaraff ȝys (PA8)
  • Gans ioul kyn fy temptijs / anoȝo na ro dymme (PA22)
  • ha ganso kynfes tewlys / te a yll seuell arte (PA22)
  • Kyn fallens ol me a veth / yn meth pedyr yth seruys (PA49)
  • yn meth pedyr tan ow feth / nyth nahaff kyn fen leȝys (PA49)