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more than:

  • moy ages myl vyl enef
    moy ages milvil enev
    More than a million souls (RD141)
  • me ny gafa moys kyns | reson gans gwyr ȝy vrvsy
    my ny gavav moy es kyns | reson gans gwir dh'y vreusi
    I do not find any more than before | a just reason to condemn him (PA117)
  • byth moy ys eȝow yn ta | a beghas orth ov ȝrayta
    byth moy es edhow yn ta | a beghas orth ow thrayta
    Any more than a Jew | who sinned by betraying me (PA145)
  • y fylly moy es tresheys
    y fylli moy es troes-hys
    it was short by more than a foot (PA180)
  • ragos moy es yn della
    ragos moy es yndella
    For you more than that (PC1232)
  • na gouse moy ys margh dal
    Na gowsso moy es margh dall
    Nor may he speak more than a blind horse (PC1658)
  • rag ny vew moy es tryddyth
    rag ny vyw moy es treddydh
    For he will not live more than three days (OM829)
  • moy ys cans vyl yn nomber
    moy es kansvil yn nomber
    More than a hundred thousand in number (OM1614)
  • na ellam ry tho tha mouy tre guffia them
    na ellam rei dhodho moy dell godhvia dhemm
    I cannot give to it more as I should (Nebes Geryow)
  • Nag eus moy avel pajar po pemp e'n drev nei a ell klappya Kernowek lebmyn
    Nag eus moy avel pajar po pemp e'n drev nei a ell klappya Kernowek lebmyn,
    There are no more than four or five in our village who can talk Cornish now (Bodinar's letter)

more (pronoun)

  • ha tryvgons moy ganse
    ha triugens moy gansa
    and with them seventy-five more. (PA
  • ef a galse bos guyrthys | a try cans dyner ha moy
    Ev a allsa bos gwerthys | a dri hans diner ha moy
    It might have been sold | For three hundred pence and more (PC535-6)
  • Cafes moy thys aban res
    Kavoes moy dhis a-ban res
    As need is to thee to take more (OM391)
  • mar tue moy nys tevyth man
    Mar teu moy ny's tevydh mann
    If more come, it will not be enough (OM399)
  • moy kyn fennas the gafys
    Moy kyn fynnes dhe gavoes
    More if thou wish to take (OM432)
  • ha muy dale moaz tha an gletha stella
    ha moy a dal mos dhe'n gledha stella
    and more should go to the sword still (Kana Kernowek)
  • Kemerro an peth eze leben, termen arall why veth moye
    Kemerowgh an peth eus lebmyn, termen aral hwei a vedh moy
    Take what there is now, another time you will have more (Ol poble eze war an oare a treegaz)

more (adv):

  • rag keusel moy yn teffry
    rag kewsel moy yn tevri
    For I would speak more indeed (RD1727)
  • argye na moy thy'n ny reys
    Argia namoy dhyn ni res
    No need for us to argue more (PC2467)

more + noun:

  • neffre ny vnsa moy ioy
    nevra ny yeunsa moy joy
    Never would he desire more joy (PA21)
  • ha gura thys moy seruygy
    ha gwra dhymm moy servysi
    And make for me more servants (RD2460)
  • en telhar idden ma ha gul ma mouy Sousenack clappiez dre eza Curnooack
    E'n teller ydn ma hag oll yma moy Sowsnek klappyes dell eus Kernowek
    In this narrow place and all there is more English spoken than there is Cornish (Nebes Geryow)
  • Gen Ganow leaz Hern, Hern, Holan moy
    Gen ganow lies, "Hern, Hern! Holan moy!"
    With many voices, "Pilchards, Pilchards! More salt!" (Pilchard Rhyme)
  • Moy Poble Bohodzack vel poble Broaz
    Moy pobel boghojek 'vel pobel broas.
    More of poor people than rich people (Pilchard Rhyme)

more + adj

  • ha moy marȝus me a gris | ys an rena ve yn weth
    ha moy marthus my a grys | es an re ma 'veu ynwedh
    and (there were) more wonders also i believe than these.
  • Githick mackwee | A githack macrow
    Hag uthek moy gwer | Hag uthek moy kro
    both terribly more green | and terribly fresher (Crankan Rhyme)

more of:

  • ha whath moy wy a glewyth | a dormont crist del wharse
    ha hwath moy hwi a glywvydh | a dorment krist dell hwarsa
    and you will hear yet more | of christ's torture as it had happened (PA132)

no more:

  • hen yw lour na moy ny rys
    Henn yw lowr, namoy ny res
    That is enough, no more are needed (PA51)
  • hen yv guyr ef a galse | pup tra y thyswul arte | moy ys na fe
    Henn yw gwir: ev a allsa | pub tra y dhiswul arta | moy es na ve
    That is true, he could | Destroy every thing again | so that greater ease there could not be (RD977-9)
  • tav flattores na gous moy
    Taw, flattores, na gows moy
    Peace, chattering woman, say no more (RD1067)
  • ha na moy na wra peghe
    A, namoy na wra pegha!
    And no more do not sin. (RD1104)
  • yn bys-ma na tryst na moy
    Y'n bys ma na drest namoy
    In this world trust no more (RD2036)
  • tan an ioul mur thy lysky | na theffo na moy yn pow
    Tan an jowl meur dh'y leski | na dheffo namoy y'n pow!
    The fire of the great devil to burn him | That he may come no more into the country (RD2176-6)
  • my a worhemmyn whare | then glaw na moy na wrello
    My a worhemmynn hware | dhe'n glaw namoy na wrello
    I will soon command | To the rain that it do no more (OM1091-2)
  • my an tregh ren arluth dev | ha na moy sur venytha
    my a'n tregh, re'n Arloedh Dyw | ha na moy sur vynytha.
    I will cut it, by the Lord God | And no more, surely, ever (OM2537-8)

any more:

  • me nyth dampnyaf yredy | ha na wra na moy pegha
    My ny'th tampnyav yredi | ha na wra namoy pegha
    Well then, I do not condemn you. | Go and sin no more (PA34)
  • na moy sconye ny vynnas | rag own cafos y ancow
    na moy skonya ny vynnas | rag own kavoes y ankow
    he would not refuse any more | for fear of being killed (PA174)
  • hep guthyl na moy cheyson
    heb guthyl namoy cheson
    Without suffering any more trouble (RD460)
  • tra uyth ny amont thynny | sur y whylas ef na moy
    Tra vyth ny amont dhyn ni | sur, y hwilas ev namoy
    Nothing avails us | Surely to seek him any more (RD559-60)
  • na wast na moy lauarow
    Na wast namoy lavarow
    Waste no more words (RD905)
  • hep na moy cous thym hythev
    heb namoy kows dhymm hedhyw
    Without any more talk to me to-day. (RD1940)
  • na whyla thym na moy covs
    Na hwila dhymm namoy kows
    Nor seek any more talking to me (RD1956)
  • yn vr-na ny reys thynny | na den vyth ol yn teffry | caffus neffre na moy ovn
    y'n eur na ny res dhyn ni | na den vydh-oll yn tevri | kavoes nevra namoy own
    In that hour no need to us | Or any man indeed | To have any more fear (RD2168-70)
  • vynytha hep na moy let
    Vynitha heb na moy lett
    Evermore, without any further delay (RD2283)
  • my ny wothyen ath vernans | na vyth moy ath daserghyans
    my ny wodhyen a'th vernans | na vydh moy a'th tasserghyans
    I knew not of thy death | Nor any more of thy resurrection (RD2543-4)
  • rag ny evaf bys deth fyn | genough annotho na moy
    rag ny evav bys Dydh Fin | genowgh anodho namoy
    For I will not drink till the last day | With you of it any more (PC724-5)
  • rag nynsyv an vaner vas | the voy denuyth ny'm gorse
    rag nyns yw an vaner 'vas | Dhe voy denvydh ny'm gordhsa
    For the custom is not good | To send any more men to me (PC1678-9)
  • hep gul dotho na moy gref
    heb gul dhodho namoy grev
    Without doing to him any more pain (PC2218)
  • na keusel na moy gerryow
    na kewsel namoy geryow
    Nor speak more words(PC2468)
  • mar strechyn omma na moy
    mar strechyn omma namoy
    If we stay here any more (PC3001)

the more:

  • mur the voy ef re peghas
    meur dhe voy ev re beghas
    Much the more he hath sinned (PC2191)
  • mar sens garow the voy scham | dhe'n flerys
    Mars yns garow, dhe voy sham | the'n fleryys
    If they are rough, the more shame | To the stinkard (PC2738-9)
  • the dev the voy y whon gras
    dhe Dhyw dhe voy y hwonn gras
    I give the more thanks to God (OM2016)


  • ellas ny won py tyller | byth moy py le y trygaf
    Ellas, ny wonn py tyller | byth moy py le y trygav!
    Alas! I know not in what place | Ever more where I shall dwell (PC2597-8)

more or less

  • Ha hedna, muy po le
    Ha hedna, moy po le
    And that, more or less (Na reugh eva re)


  • drey den yn peyn a calla / neffre ny vnsa moy ioy (PA21)
  • denvyth nyn ges yn meȝy / ihesus a gewsys arta / me nyth dampnyaf yredy / ha na wra na moy pegha (PA34)
  • sur yma dew ȝyn parys / y a leueris whare / hen yw lour na moy ny rys / du a leueris arte (PA51)