Personal pronouns

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  • aban oma dasserghys | dev hugens deyth dyuythys | byth pan fo nos
    A-ban o'ma dasserghys | dew ugens dydh diwedhys | 'vydh pan vo nos
    Since I am risen | Forty days ended | Will be when it is night (RD2436-8)


  • re iovyn drok yv gyne | na venta kammen tryle | yn maner tek
    Re Iovyn, drog yw gene' | na vynn'ta kammenn trelya | yn maner teg
    By Jove, it is evil with us | That thou wilt not turn thy way | To a fair manner (PC1292-4)


  • dro ve thymmo dysempys | ha my a ra y dybry
    Dro va dhymmo desempis | ha my a wra y dhybri
    Bring it me immediately | And I will eat it (OM247-8)