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share sth abstract:

  • hen o ȝoȝo mur a bayn | may ȝeȝens worth y ranne
    henn o dhodho meur a bayn | mayth esens orth y ranna
    What they were sharing was very painful for him (PA137)


  • Dyllas crist a ve rynnys | pedar ran guris a neȝe
    dillas krist a veu rynnys | peder rann gwrys anedha
    Christ's garments were divided, four parts being made of them (PA190)
  • y bous ef o mar dek guris | y ny vynsans y ranne
    y bows ev o mar deg | i ny vynnsons hy ranna
    His robe was so beautifully made that they were unwilling to divide it (PA190)
  • hag an teul ef scon yn ban | han dor war notho a ran | euth y clewas
    hag a'n tewl ev skon yn-bann | ha'n dor warnodho a rann | euth y glewes
    And throw him forthwith upwards | And divide the earth over him | I heard them going (RD2126-8)

share with (ranna + dhe)

  • trehans dynar a vone | en box oll beȝens gwerthys | a vos den rag y ranne | the vohosogyon yn bys
    Tri hans diner a vona | an boks oll bedhes gwerthys | a vos den rag y ranna | dhe voghosogyon yn bys
    Let the whole box be sold for three hundred pence in cash to be shared among the poor in the world. (PA36)
  • ha my a's ran dygh wharre
    ha my a's rann dywgh hware
    And I will soon divide them for you (PC2843)

share among (ranna + yntra)

  • Han gwyn esa war en foys | ef a rannas yn treȝa
    Ha'n gwin esa war an voos | ev a rannas yntredha
    And the wine which was on the table he shared among them (PA45)
  • me a vyn lemmyn ranne | yntrethon ol y thyllas
    My a vynn lemmyn ranna | yntredhon oll y dhillas
    I will now divide | Between us all his clothes (PC2841-2)

break one's heart

  • hay holon whek a ranne | me a leuer rag trystans
    ha'y holon hweg a ranna | my a lever rag tristans
    Her sweet heart would have broken for sadness, i say (PA222)
  • ma ov wolon ov ranne | pan glewaf cous an par-ne
    'Ma ow holon ow ranna | pan glywav kows a'n par na
    My heart is separating | When I hear you talk so (OM2181-2)
  • ihesu the verwel mar scon | dre pur hyreth ow colon | mart yv na ran
    Ihesu dhe verwel mar skon | dre bur hireth ow holon | marth yw na rann
    That Jesus died so soon | Through very sorrow that my heart | Is not broken, is a wonder (RD1438-40)