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Compare with gwitha

  • ȝen eȝewan dyrryvys | del o y fynas synsy
    Dhe'n Edhewon derivys | dell o y fynnas synsi.
    He intended to continue as he was, an informer to the Jews. (PA62) Judas
  • an lost kymmer | thethy yn ban | yth torn hep ger | sens the honan | thys lauaraf
    An lost kemmer | dhedhi yn-bann | y'th torn heb ger | Syns dha honan | dhis lavarav
    By the tail | take it up; | In thy hand, without a word, | hold it thyself, | I tell thee. (OM1454-6) Snake. Hold it? Or hold yourself (your fear)?
  • a pe voth dev yn della | ken agesough venytha | ny zensen somot y go
    A pe bodh Dyw yndella, | ken agesowgh vynytha | ny synsen, so mote I go.
    What is God's will, thus | Otherwise than you, ever | We do not consider, so mote I go. (OM2356-8)
  • syre ny a'n gor wharre | the pylat fast bys yn tre | hag ef syngyns guyryoneth
    Syrra, ni a'n gorr hware | dhe Pylat fast bys yn tre | hag ev synsens gwiryonedh
    Sire, we will take him soon | To Pilate speedily, to the city, | And let him judge the truth. (PC1799-1801)
  • ol ov ysyly yn ten | hag a wel the lyes plu | yn golon dren tenewen | the restye syngys ow gu
    oll ow eseli yn tenn | hag a-wel dhe lies plu: | y'n golonn dre'n tenewen | dhe restya synsis ow gu.
    All my limbs dragged, | And a sight to many a parish: | In heart, through the side, | I felt my spear thrust.
  • Me a vyn sensy then mor | the weles thymmo trumach
    My a vynn synsi dhe'n mor | dhe hwilas dhymmo trumach.
    I will hold to the sea | To seek for me a voyage. (BM1074-5)

hold/occupy a field, outside a stronghold, in order to meet an enemy

  • mar a peth reys sensy guel | me a leuer dyogel | an iovle mur ny iust orthyn
    Mara pydh res synsi gwel | my a lever diogel | an jowl meur ny joust orthyn.
    If need be to hold a field, | I say certainly | The great Devil will not joust against us. (BM1315-7)
  • Leferugh ov arlythy | pythyv guel thynny sensy | the vetya gans an turant
    Leverewgh, ow arlydhi, | pyth yw gwel dhyn ni synsi | dhe vetya gans an turant?
    Say, my lords, | What field is for us to hold | To meet with the tyrant? (BM2278-80)

To maintain (an establishment or institution); to conduct; to manage.

  • hy a vyȝ gwreg ty da | ȝys ȝe synsychy
    Hi a vydh gwregti da | dhis dhe synsi chi.
    She will be a good wife | to keep house for you. (CF13-14)

take care of

  • ha iowan otte the vam | yn della syns y hep nam | hedre vywhy
    Ha Iowan, otta dha vamm; | yndella syns hi heb namm | hedra vywi
    And John, behold thy mother; | Thus keep her, without denial, | As long as ye live. (PC2928-30)

To contain or store.

  • bethens ebron dreys pup tra | rak kvthe myns vs formyys | rak synsy glaw a-wartha | then nor veys may fe dyllys
    Bedhes ebrenn dres puptra | rag kudha myns eus formyes | rag synsi glaw a-wartha | dhe'n norvys may fo dyllys
    Let the sky be above all things | To cover all that is created | To keep the rain above | That it may be dropped on the face of earth. (OM21-4)

(transitive) To maintain, to consider, to opine.

  • in vrna yȝ sens ȝe ves meystres | hedyr vywy hag harluȝes
    Y'n eur na y'th sens dhe vos mestres | hadre vywhi hag arlodhes
    Then he will hold you to be a mistress and | a lady as long as you live. (CF35-6)
  • doyn thyn dustuny a wra | mygtern yfyn bos synsys | ha mester bras yn bysma
    doen dhyn dustuni a wra | myghtern y fynn bos synsys | ha mester bras y'n bys ma
    he bears us witness that he wants to be held up as a king and a great master in this world. (PA111)
  • Herodes a leuerys | ȝen eȝewon eugh yn fen | ȝe bylat agis Iustis | rag me an syns pur ȝen len
    herodes a leveris | dhe'n edhewon ewgh yn fen | dhe pilat agas justis | rag my a'n syns pur dhen
    Herod said to the Jews, "Go in haste to Pilate your magistrate, for i consider him a true honest man (PA113)
  • nyn gew ragos se laȝe | Cryst yv synsys mur dremas | ȝe ȝevyth a wos plegye
    nyns yw ragos sy ladha | krist yw synsys meur dhremas | dhe dhenvydh awos plegya
    it is not for you to slay christ who is considered to be a great holy man, to satisfy anyone (PA123)
  • mar soge crist mab dauy | des an grows heb pystege | ha ny a grys ȝe vestry | hag ad syns mester neffre
    mars o'ta krist mab davi | deus a'n grows heb pystiga | ha ni a grys dha vaystri | hag a'th syns mester nevra
    If you are Christ, the son of david, come off the cross unharmed, and we will believe in your authority and acknowledge you always as master. (PA197)
  • War lyrgh crist enef ȝe ry | pub onan oll ȝy gele | Iowan y vam a sensy | marya crist del arse
    war-lergh krist enev dhe ri | pubonan oll dh'y gila | yowann y vamm a synsi | maria krist dell arghsa
    After Christ had surrendered his soul, John held Mary as his mother, each to the other, as christ had ordered (PA199)
  • natur scyle me a syns | arluth da mar pyth peynys | ol y sogete kyn fons syns | rag y beyn ȝe vos grevijs
    natur skila my a syns | arloedh da mar pydh paynys | oll y sojets kyn fons sens | rag y bayn dhe vos grevys
    nature causes, i maintain, if a good lord is put to torture, all his subjects, even if they are saints, to be afflicted because of his suffering. (PA211)
  • En eȝewon ny vynne | bos an laddron ow cregy | ternos rag pasch o ȝeȝe | dyth vghel y a sensy
    an edhewon ny vynna | bos an ladron ow kregi | ternos rag pask o dhedha | dydh ughel i a'n synsi
    The Jews did not want the thieves to be hanging overnight because it was their passover. they celebrated it as a high day. (PA229)
  • lemyn hanwaf goyth ha 3ar | a sensaf ethyn hep par | the vygyens den war an beys
    Lemmyn hanwav goedh ha yar | a synsav ydhyn heb par | dhe vegyans den war an bys
    Now I name goose and fowl | I hold them birds without equal | For food of man on the earth (OM129-31)
  • gueyt bos a rag yn voward | ma na vy synsys coward | nag awos den vyt ovnek
    Gwayt bos a-rag y'n voward | ma na vi synsys koward | nag awos denvydh ownek
    Take care to be forth in advance | That thou be not held a coward | Nor fearful of any man (OM2156-8)
  • salmon ov map koroneugh | hagas myghtern ef synseugh | hedre vyugh byv yn bys-ma
    Sal'mon ow mab kurunewgh | ha'gas myghtern ev synsewgh | hedra vowgh byw y'n bys ma.
    Crown Solomon my son | And for your king hold him | While you live in this world. (OM2347-9)
  • pyv an brasse den senges | yn mysk ol thy thyskyblon
    P'yw an brassa den synsys | yn mysk oll dha dhyskyblon?
    Who is esteemed the greatest man | Amongst all thy disciples? (PC773-4)
  • ytho leuereugh ware | kepar del ough fur syngys | yn mysk ol an gowethe | pyv henna my agas peys
    Ytho leverewgh hware | kepar dell owgh fur synsys | yn mysk oll an gowetha | p'yw henna, my a'gas pys?
    Now say presently | Like as you are accounted wise | Among all the company | Who is it, I pray you? (PC781-4)
  • ha gorthybeugh thy'm yn ta | pyv a synsow why moghya | nep a serf py a theber
    Ha gorthybewgh dhymm yn ta: | p'yw a synsowgh hwi moyha | neb a serv, py a dheber?
    And answer me well: | Who think you greatest? | He who serves, or who eats? (PC797-9)
  • keuseugh lemman guykcoryon | del ough why synsys gueryon | pendra geusys an den-ma
    kewsewgh lemmyn gwikoryon, | dell owgh hwi synsys gwiryon | pandr'a gewsis an den ma?
    Speak now, traders. | As ye are esteemed true men, | What did this man say? (PC1304-6)
  • ha mara qureth renothas | me a syns the vos dremas | hag a'th worth bys vynary
    Ha mara kwredh, ren ow thas, | my a syns dha vos dremas, | hag a'th wordh bys vynari
    And if thou dost, by the Father, | I will hold thee to be a good man, | And worship thee for ever. (PC1772-4)
  • pilat the gous nynsyw vas | nep nan synso y sylwyas | a thu goef
    Pilat, dhe gows nyns yw 'vas: | neb na'n synsso y Selwyas, | a Dhyw, go-ev!
    Pilate, thy speech is not good ; | Who does not hold him his Saviour | Will become miserable. (RD613-5)
  • ren arluth crist a vercy | me nyth sense guel es ky
    Re'n Arloedh Krist a versi, | my ny'th syns gwell es ki.
    By the Lord Christ of mercy, | I hold thee not better than a hound. (BM3500-1)
  • In vrna avel begyer | ty a veth sur heb awer | sensys in pov | hag ol the kerens blamys
    Yn eur na avel begyer | ty a vydh sur heb ahwer | synsys y'n pow, | hag oll dha gerens blamys.
    Then as a beggar | Thou wilt be surely without grief | Held in the country, | And all thy kinsmen blamed. (BM416-9)
  • mar ny vethe chastijs | a vahum ny veth sensys | moy es ky heb feladov
    Mar ny vydh e chastyes | a Vahum ny vydh synsys | moy es ki heb falladow.
    If he be not chastised | Of Mahound there will not be thought | More than a hound without fail. (BM810-2)
  • del recorde agen latha | neb a lath flogh in batel | sensys y feth den cruel
    Dell rekord agan lagha: | neb a ladh flogh yn batel | synsys y fydh den kruel.
    As our law records: | Whoso shall slay a child in battle | Will be held a cruel man. (BM1629-31)
  • me a leuer dys ty grome | mas pur sempel nyth sensa
    my a lever dhis, ty groem, | mas pur sempel ny'th synsa'.
    I say to thee, thou groom, | Good, very frankly, I hold thee not. (BM2458-9)

to consider, to value, to care about

  • ow arfeth byth na whyla | ahanas gy vn demma | my ny sensaf yn tor-ma
    Ow arvedh bydh na hwila' | Ahanas jy unn demma | my ny synsav y'n tor' ma.
    My hire I have never seen; | Of thee one halfpenny | I do not hold in this time. (PC2262-4)
  • me ny sensaf vn bram plos | an cas yn geth nagh yn nos | hagh a henna ty a feyl
    My ny synsav unn bramm plos | a'n kas, yn jydh nag yn nos | hag a henna ty a fyll
    I value not a dirty crumb | The case by day or by night | And of that thou shalt fail. (PC2268-70)
  • ny senseff ath geryov bolde | vn faven kuk
    ny synsav a'th geryow bold | unn favenn goeg.
    I care not for thy bold words | One blind bean. (BM3480-1)
  • oll ath rychyth me a syns | nebes an fa
    Oll a'th rychys my a syns | neb es an fa'.
    All of thy riches I hold | Less than a bean. (BM2615-6)
  • ny sense moy latha flogh | es dyswul gauer py bogh | rag in mater ny coth schame
    Ny synsa' moy ladha flogh | es diswul gaver py bogh, | rag y'n mater ny goedh sham.
    I would not hold killing a child more | Than destroying a goat or a buck, | For in the matter shame is not becoming. (BM1624-6)
  • Ny sensevy ath creffder | ty turant vn faven guk
    Ny synsav vy a'th krevder, | ty turant, unn favenn goeg.
    I care not for thy might, | Thou tyrant, one blind bean. (BM2406-7)

(transitive) To grasp or grip.

  • mar an kefyȝ in danger | sense fast indella
    Mara'n kevydh yn danjer, | sens e fast yndella
    If you can enthral him | hold him tightly so! (CF40-1)
  • yn meth angoff clevas bras | es omdewleff deveȝys | towyll vyth ny allaff yn fas | ynno sensy ȝe wonys
    yn-medh an gov kleves bras | eus y'm diwla devedhys | toul vydh ny allav yn fas | ynna synsi dhe wonis
    the smith said, "leprosy has come to my hands. i cannot hold any tool in them properly to work. (PA156)
  • Ganse worth levff crist loven | fast yn scon a ve kelmys | hag yn tre an eȝewon | an grovs fast a ve sensys
    gansa orth leuv krist lovan | fast yn-skon a veu kelmys | hag yntra an edhewon | an grows fast a veu synsys
    A rope was soon tied firmly by them to Christ's hand, and between the jews the cross was tightly held (PA181)
  • cous er the fyth |a ver termyn | pandra synsyth | yth luef lemyn
    Kows er dha fydh | a verr dermyn | Pandr'a synsydh | y'th leuv lemmyn?
    Speak on thy faith | in a short time | What holdest thou | in thy hand now? (OM1441-2)
  • guelen a pren | a wraf synsy
    Gwelenn a brenn | a wrav synsi
    A rod of wood | I do hold. (OM1444)
  • nebes seruys ty a wra | tan syns y'th dorn an giu-na | ha herthy'e gans nerth yn ban
    Nebes servis ty a wra | Tan, syns y'th dorn an gyw na | ha herdhy e gans nerth yn-bann.
    A little service thou shalt do ; | Take, hold in thy hand that spear, | And thrust it with force upwards. (PC3009-11)
  • Sens the vagyl in the leff
    Syns dha vagel yn dha leuv.
    Hold thy crozier in thy hand. (BM3007)
  • in dalleth an rema syns
    Y'n dalleth an re ma syns.
    In the beginning, hold these (BM1465)

to carry

  • kemer y ty plos lorden | syns war the keyn an grous pren
    Kemmer hi, ty plos lorden, | syns war dha geyn an growsprenn
    Take it, thou dirty lurdane, | Hold the cross-tree on thy back (PC2585-6)

(transitive) To impose restraint upon; to limit in motion or action; to bind legally or morally; to confine; to restrain.

  • In agis mysk pan esen | la(h)ys du ȝeugh ow tysky | gallus nyn gese kemmen | ȝom cara na ȝom sensy
    yn agas mysk pan esen | laghys dyw dhywgh ow tyski | galloes nyns esa kammenn | dhe'm k'ara na dhe'm synsi
    When I was among you, teaching you God's laws, there was no power at all to fetter or hold me. (PA75)
  • Ena pan sevys yn ban | hy a gewsys del ylly | nyn gew ow faynys beghan | vs lemyn war ow sensy
    ena pan sevis yn bann | hi a gewsis dell ylli | nyns yw ow faynys byghan | eus lemmyn orth ow synsi
    Then, when she stood up, she spoke as she was able: "My torments which are gripping me now are not little ones (PA166)
  • penag a wryltyf amme | henna yv ef ru'm laute | synsew e fast hep lettye
    Pynag a wrylliv amma, | henn yw ev re', lowta. | Synsewgh e fast heb lettya.
    Whomsoever I shall kiss, | That is he, by my truth; | Hold him fast, without delay. (PC1084-6)
  • pan dyskys yn eglusyow | ny wrug den fyth ow sensy
    Pan dhyskis y'n eglosyow | ny wrug denvydh ow synsi
    When I taught in the churches | No man did seize me. (PC1175-6)
  • yn uvr-ne ef dysmegys | py gansse y fue guyskys | senseugh ef yn agan mysk
    Y'n eur na ev dismyges | py ganso y feu gwyskys | Synsewgh ev yn agan mysk
    In that time let him declare | By whom he was struck; | Hold him in our midst. (PC1372-4)
  • ty uaw lemyn synge fast | rak ef a wor lyes cast | rak the tolle
    Ty vaw, lemmyn syns e fast | rag ev a woer lies kast | rag dha doella
    Thou boy, now hold fast | For he knows many tricks | To deceive thee (PC1883-5)
  • Tav thymo vy the clap sens
    Taw dhymmo vy! Dha glapp syns!
    Silence for me ! hold thy prate ! (BM936)

To maintain in being or action; to carry on; to prosecute, as a course of conduct or an argument; to continue; to sustain.

  • mes mara kewsys yn ta | han gwreoneth y synsy | prag omgwysketh yn delma
    mes mara kewsis yn ta | ha'n gwiryonedh y synsi | prag y'm gwyskydh yndellma
    but if i have spoken well and held to the truth, why do you strike me thus? (PA82)
  • an combrynsy war the ben | mar lel y synsys the lyn | kyns ys trehy war an pren | re got o a gevelyn
    Ankombrynsi war dha benn! | Mar lel y synssys dha lin | kyns es treghi war an prenn! | Re gott o a gevelin.
    The exactness, on thy head, | So true thou holdest to the line | Before cutting on the tree; | Too short it is by a cubit. (OM2517-20)
  • ny a beys rag venytha | crist re sensa the gallos
    Ni a bys rag vynytha | Krist re synsso dha alloes!
    We will pray for ever | May Christ keep thy power ! (BM2674-5)
  • ov banneth vy | gans banneth crist pen an sens | the kemmys ov gol a sens | y pese bys venary
    Ow bennath vy, | gans bennath Krist, Penn an sens, | dhe gemmys ow goel a syns | y pysa' bys vynari.
    My blessing, | With the blessing of Christ, the head of the saints, | For as many as keep my festival | I beseech for ever. (BM4306-9)
  • The soyth ny a vyn sensy | in hanov crist us avan
    Dhe soth ni a vynn synsi, | yn Hanow Krist eus a-vann.
    We will keep to the south. | In the name of Christ who is above. (BM2292-3)

(intransitive) Not to give way; not to part or become separated; to remain unbroken or unsubdued.

  • cafas daffar pur parys | lovan cryff rag y sensy
    kavas daffar pur barys | lovan krev rag y synsi
    he found the means all ready; a rope strong enough to hold him. (PA105)

(transitive) To bear, carry, or manage.

  • Whath kentrow ȝeȝe nyngo | Ihesus yn crows rag synsy
    hwath kentrow dhedha nyns o | yesus yn krows rag synsi
    Still they had no nails to hold Jesus crucified (PA154)
  • ij droys Ihesus caradow | hay ij leyff y a delly | rag an spykis o garow | pan vons gwyskis ȝy synsy
    dewdroes yesus karadow | ha'y dhiwleuv i a delli | rag an spikys o garow | pan vons gwyskys dh'y synsi
    they would pierce the hands and feet of beloved jesus for the spikes were rough when they were hit to secure him. (PA159)
  • ȝen neȝyn gwyls rag nyeȝy | tellyryow esa paris | the crist y ben py sensy | teller vyth nyn go kefis
    dhe'n ydhyn gwyls rag neythi | tylleryow esa parys | dhe krist y benn py synsi | tyller vydh nyns o kevys
    there were places ready for the wild birds to build their nests; for christ no place was found for him to hold his head. (PA206)
  • war tu hay vam an pewo | y ben a vynnas synsy | hay eneff eth a noȝo | gans garm eyn hag vghel gry
    war-tu ha'y vamm a'n piwo | y benn a vynnas synsi | ha'y enev eth anodho | gans garm yeyn hag ughel gri
    he wanted to hold his head towards his mother to whom he belonged, and his soul went from him with a shrill scream and a loud cry. (PA207)

Obliged, bound, beholden

  • An tas dev re bo gorthyys | synsys mur on thy gare
    An Tas Dyw re bo gordhyes | Synsys meur on dh'y gara
    The Father God be worshipped, | We are much bound to love him (OM1125-6)
  • lauar thy'mmo a ver spys | py nyl o mogha sengys | an keth den-ma the care
    Lavar dhymmo, a verr spys | pyneyl o moyha synsys | a'n keth dew ma dh'y gara?
    Tell me, in a brief space | Which one was most bound | To love this same man? (PC509-11)
  • syngys mar on the iudas | rak sur ef a'm hembroncas | pur compys bys yn losel
    Synsys meur on dhe Iudas | rag sur ev a'm hembronkas | pur kompes bys y'n losel
    Much beholden we are to Judas | For sure he conducted me | Very straight to the rogue. (PC1204-6)
  • grant merci syr iustis | vynytha syngys of thys
    Grant merci, syrr justis, | vynytha synsys ov dhis.
    Gramercy, sir magistrate, | Ever bound I am to thee. (RD95-6)
  • ty a yl in the dethyov | purguir boys sensis detha
    Ty a yll yn dha dhydhyow | pur wir bos synsys dhedha.
    Thou mayest in thy days | Right truly be bound to them. (BM2954-5)
  • in ov dethyov | ythoff sensys | the veryasek
    Yn ow dydhyow | yth ov synsys | dhe Veryasek.
    In my days | I am bound | To Meriasek. (BM2664-6)
  • meryasek in ov dythyov | sensys off mur dysogy
    Meryasek, yn ow dydhyow | synsys ov meur dhiso jy.
    Meriasek, in my days | I am greatly bound to thee. (BM2660-1)
  • Luyes den yma sensys | the veryasek sur in beys
    Lies den yma synsys | dhe Veryasek sur y'n bys
    Many men are bound | To Meriasek surely in the world (BM4401-2)
  • kepar del enua? sensys | thy wonys in norvysma
    Kepar dell en-va synsys | dh'y wonis y'n norvys ma,
    As I was bound | To serve him in this world (BM4518-9)
  • gorthyans dotho benitha | kepar del oma sensys | benytha in ov densys | thy enor
    Gordhyans dhodho bynytha | kepar dell oma synsys | bynytha yn ow denses | dh'y enora.
    Worship to him always | As I am bound | Always in my manhood | To honour him. (BM4500-3)
  • oll rome yv sensys nefra | the enora syluester
    Oll Rom yw synsys nevra | dhe enora Sylvester.
    All Rome is bound ever | To honour Silvester. (BM4149-50)
  • meryasek dyso reverans | sensys ovy theth gorthya
    Meryasek, dhiso revrons! | Synsys ov vy dhe'th wordhya.
    Meriasek, to thee reverence ! | Bound am I to honour thee. (BM3852-3)
  • dotho oll ython sensys
    Dhodho oll yth on synsys:
    To him we are all bound (BM4177)
  • thyso gy sensys asson
    Dhiso jy synsys ass on.
    To thee we are bound. (BM1120)
  • thy worthya ny yv senses | hag a vyn awos peryl
    Dh'y wordhya ni yw synsys, | hag a vynn, awos peryll.
    To honour him we are bound, | And will, notwithstanding peril. (BM716-7)

hold fast, halt

  • tav sethe vyn ty phelip | rak pur wyr ty a gam dip | warnotho ef
    Taw, syns dha vin, ty Phelip, | rag pur wir ty a gammdyb | warnodho ev.
    Sit silent, wilt thou, Philip, | For most truly thou swearest wrongly | About him. (RD995-7)
  • sens the clap na fyth bysy | rak ny fynnaf thys crygy
    Syns dha klapp, na vydh bysi, | rag ny vynnav dhis krysi.
    Hold thy prate, nor be busy, | For I will not believe thee; (RD1113-4)


  • vnw#t# gueles a callen | sensy quarel orth mytern | purdefry my ny dovtsen | na russen nes
    Unnweyth gweles a kallen | synsi kwarel orth myghtern | pur dhevri my ny dhoutsen, | na wrussen nes.
    Once if I could see | To hold a quarrel with a king | Certainly I should not fear, | Nor should I make alliance. (BM2587-90)
  • ha du guener rag henna | bethens ov gol vy nefra | sensys gans ov flehys dour
    Ha dy' Gwener rakhenna | bedhens ow goel vy nevra | synsys gans ow fleghys dour.
    And on Friday therefore | Be my festival ever | Held by my brave children. (BM4321-3)
  • in meys est an viij#ves# deth | an secund feer sur a veth | sensys in pov benytha
    Yn mis Est an ethves dydh | an sekond fer sur a vydh | synsys y'n pow bynytha.
    In the month of August the eighth day | The second fair surely shall be | Held in the country for ever. (BM2197-9)
  • an treffer a veth sensys | meryasek as grontyeys
    An tri fer a vydh synsys: | Meryasek a's grontyas.
    The third fair shall be held: | Meriasek has granted it. (BM2192-3)
  • han tresse meys gvyngala | dugol myhall byth henna | in plu wyn voala (noala) sensys
    Ha'n tressa mis Gwynngala | dy'goel Myhall bydh henna | yn plu wynn Voala synsys,
    And the third month September | Michael’s feast, that shall be | Held in the blessed parish of Noala (BM2200-2)


  • rag ef o stout ha gothys | hag a ym-sensy den cref
    rag ev o stout ha goethus | hag a omsynsi den krev
    For he was stout and proud, | And felt himself a strong man (OM2221-2)